World Oldest Fossil Find In The US, A Herd Of 38.6 Million Years Old Trees

World Oldest Fossil in US

World Oldest Fossil Find In The US, The Article Published In The Journal Current Biology States That This Discovery Sheds New Light On The Growth Of Trees.

An extensive herd of trees, about 386 million years old, has been found in a sandstone mine in the US. Scientists consider it to be the remains of the World Oldest Fossil forest in the world. According to researchers from the US Binghamton University and the New York State Museum, the fossil forests of Cairo may have spread from New York to Pennsylvania and beyond. These forests are 20 to 3 million years old from the oldest Gilboa forests. These forests are also in the state of New York and are about 40 km from the Cairo region.

World Oldest Fossil

The article published in the journal Current Biology states that this discovery sheds new light on the growth of trees and the change in the world we have lived in. The team, including researchers from Cardiff University in Britain. Did a 3,000-square-meter forest mapping of the abandoned quarry at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in the Hudson Valley. World Oldest Fossil.

Coniferous Looking Trees

The research co-author and Chris Berry of Cardiff University said it looked like an open forest with small to medium-sized coniferous-looking trees. Research shows that there were at least two types of trees in the forest. A single example of the third type of tree was also seen. It believes that it could have been lycopod. All these trees grew using only spores instead of seeds.