Shahrukh Khan Message To His Fans On Battle With Coronavirus

Shahrukh Khan Coronavirus Message

The entire country is frightened by the Coronavirus at this time. Every day Corona cases are increasing. However, Bollywood celebs are helping heartily in the country’s war against Corona. Shahrukh Khan also donated freely to fight this virus. Along with this, he has made many big announcements which everyone is praising.

Shahrukh Khan Coronavirus Message

Now Shah Rukh has written a letter to the fans about Corona. Shahrukh’s message has tweeted by his film production company Red Chilies. Shah Rukh wrote, ‘We are all going through a massive crisis right now, so we all have to stand up together bravely. This crisis is not going to end so soon. It will take time, and we have to give our support at this time, so do whatever we can to support each other. ‘

Shahrukh Khan further wrote, ‘It is our duty as citizens of the nation to give what we have got, so I want to give my best in this time of crisis and hope that you too will do it. We all can come together and fight this epidemic. After the night, the new day will come, the day will not change, the date will change. ‘

Shahrukh Khan has again taken a big step after donating the relief amount to save the country from the Coronavirus. Shahrukh and his wife Gauri Khan have decided to make their 4-storey personal office a quarantine centre, where women, children and older adults will be taken care of. Reported this by tweeting at BMC.

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