Sonu Sood To Be The First Guest Of The Kapil Sharma Show

Sonu Sood in The Kapil Sharma Show News

The Maharashtra government has recently permitted to begin shooting at Film City from June 20. In such a situation, preparations have started for the shooting of ‘The Kapil Sharma’ Show to be shot in Film City. Archana Puran Singh has told that apart from the actors promoting the film, this time the Corona Warriors are also going to see in the Show. It now reported that Sonu Sood would be the first guest of the show.

Sonu Sood in The Kapil Sharma Show

According to Republic World recently, Kapil is starting shooting for the Show from June 24. Due to the closure of the theatre, no artist needs promotion. The Corona Warriors will call on the Show. According to the report, Sonu Sood will be the first guest to send migrant labourers home.

The Show Will Shoot Without An Audience

According to the guidelines of the Maharashtra government, shooting is allowed on the set with only 33 per cent of the crew. With this, a condition has laid to cut as many crowds as possible. Given this, Kapil Sharma has decided to shoot an audience show.

Corona Warriors Will Come As Guests: Archana Puran Singh

Encouraged to start shooting, Archana said to Spot News 18, “Bollywood stars attend our Show, but at the same time it is also a successful person. Coronavirus has taught the world a lot. Many people have given Kovid Jung has won since 19, like Corona Warriors. We can appreciate these people by calling them on our Show. Not only Bollywood guests, but many guests can also get to see them. ”

Kapil’s Team is Waiting To Shoot With Sonu Sood

Archana Puran Singh said, ‘I, Bharti Singh and Krishna Abhishek keep on the same conversation on WhatsApp group that Hey! When will the Show begin? Krishna has gone mad. They say to get me a comedy now. Does not go without doing comedy. Just now. I am not going to live without doing comedy. Whereas Bharti says how long she will keep on cleaning her utensils and washing clothes. We should get a chance to do our real work. Surely everyone has reached the limit that he no longer sits at home.