BCCI Will Come Forward To Make Up For The Loss Of ICC


Cricket tournaments have come to a standstill all over the world due to the Coronavirus. Due to the cancellation of one cricket series after another, the countries concerned are facing heavy losses. Given this, the ICC CEC meeting organized last week. After the meeting, information revealed that the BCCI. The world’s most vibrant cricket board can work on a unique plan to make up for the loss.

BCCI On The Loss Of ICC

Such information has come out that Jai Shah, who is representing BCCI in the CEC meeting, impressed everyone with his views. An official has said that Jai Shah has made it clear in the meeting that the BCCI will try to contribute significantly.

The ICC is also eyeing India to make up for the massive loss. “It was a clear message that the BCCI is a friend who is ready to help everyone. And this is exactly what the ICC needs at the moment,” the official said.

A report has claimed that the BCCI and England Cricket Board need to come together to make up for the loss in such difficult times. Along with this, BCCI needs to come out as a strong leader in the way circumstances have been.

Apart from this, the rest of the countries of the IPL, the richest cricket league in the world. Now need more than ever. A BCCI official has said that there cannot be a Test match without an audience as there will be no earning from it. The official has said that the rest of the countries will also get a 10 percent share from the IPL fees. Which can play an important role in compensating the loss?

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