BCCI Admits T20 World Cup To Be Difficult In October


The International Cricket Council (ICC) had a meeting of the Chief Executive Committee on Thursday. Still, no decision could be taken on the future of the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia later this year. The BCCI believes that due to the coronavirus and its effects, the World Cup can’t be held in October and November. A BCCI official said that many things would be taken care of, but that will be possible only when the situation becomes normal.

BCCI – T20 World Cup Difficult To Happen

The official said, ‘To be honest, it is difficult to have a T20 World Cup in October, it is difficult to think about gathering so many people at this time. Just think. At this time you do not know when it will be safe to travel abroad. Some are saying in June; some are saying more than this. Once the traffic opens, it will review after that.

What Is The Guarantee Of People’s Lives?

The official then raised the issue of the people who reached there and said that whether the ICC. And Cricket Australia will guarantee the lives of the people involved in this whole process. He said, ‘The question is whether CA and ICC will take the responsibility of the people who participate in such a big tournament. BCCI.

After this, there is a talk on the Government. Can the Australian Government take this risk? If so, what will be the approval timeline? Will that time be suitable for other boards? Will the governments of other countries allow their teams to leave? ‘

One Seat Ticket Sold Out Of 10 Seats?

After this, the official raised the most crucial issue, which was the safety of the fans. He said, ‘In the way, everyone is going through the situation, would fans like to come to the stadium? Will one out of 10 seats sold to follow the rules of social distancing?

After the ICC meeting, Cricket Australia Chief Executive Kevin Roberts had said, “Cricket Australia is working closely with the ICC and the Local Organizing Committee. And the Australian Government to create such an understanding that T20 World What will require for the cup event?