BCCI Refuses To Discuss The Issue Of Organizing IPL 2020 in Sri Lanka

Coronavirus On IPL 2020

The BCCI clarified that it has not yet received any proposal from the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) to conduct the IPL 2020 in Sri Lanka. On behalf of the BCCI, it said that even if a proposal came. There is no point in talking about organizing IPL right now because the coronavirus is, in a way, a world lockdown.

BCCI Refuses To IPL 2020 in Sri Lanka

The IPL 2020 was scheduled to be held from March 29 but was postponed to April 15 by the BCCI due to the coronavirus lockdown. The BCCI on Thursday adjourned the IPL indefinitely as the government of India extended the lockdown to May 3. Hours later, Cricket Sri Lanka chief Shammi Silva offered to host IPL 2020 in Sri Lanka. Coronavirus infection in Sri Lanka is low, and Shammi Silva said that the situation there will be healthy before India. Due to this, if the BCCI agrees, it will help in organizing the IPL 2020 in Sri Lanka. He said that he is sending a proposal in this regard soon.

A senior BCCI official, on condition of anonymity, said that since the entire world currently imprisoned in homes. Due to this, BCCI is not in a position to make any statement regarding the conduct of IPL 2020. The BCCI has not yet received any proposal from Sri Lanka, and even if found. There is no guarantee that there will be any qualified discussion on it. At present, the focus of BCCI is to organize IPL 2020 in the September-October or October-November window. The BCCI’s priority is to hold it in India.

At present, international flights are closed in most countries as there is a lockdown. The number of corona virus-infected in India is more than 12 thousand. Whereas, in Sri Lanka, only 200 cases have reported. More than 400 people have lost their lives in India while in Sri Lanka, only seven have died due to this.