BCCI Took A Big Step Before IPL 2021, Rules Changed After Criticism

BCCI Rules Changed in IPL 2021 News

The Board of Control for Cricket in India, i.e. BCCI, has taken an important decision before the 14th season of the Indian Premier League. The BCCI has changed the rules for the IPL 2021 season. The BCCI has removed the soft signal rule, which has been in the news for some time, from the new season of IPL starting April 9. Apart from this, the BCCI has also made some other changes in the rules.

BCCI Rules Changed in IPL 2021

According to the new rules of IPL 2021, now the third umpire will also be able to change the field umpire’s decision of no ball and short run. The BCCI has also removed this rule because many of the umpire’s decisions went against India’s limited over series against England. On this, captain Virat Kohli also expressed disappointment and said that the weak signal should be removed. Kohli had been told that this has happened to us today; tomorrow will also happen to someone else.

The BCCI, which operates the world’s most popular league like IPL 2021, has made it clear that the on-field umpire will no longer have any right to give weak signals before sending the third umpire decision. It is known that earlier when the on-field referee went to the third umpire. He had to give his decision first under a weak signal. But now, the umpire will not have to do anything.

A BCCI source said, “The on-field umpire’s weak signals often confuse the third umpire. So we think that we should adopt the old umpiring method”. This decision of the BCCI is also in the teams’ interest because many times. The on-field umpires are unable to see what has happened in a few moments. In such a situation, all the complicated decisions have to go to the third umpire.