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If IPL 2020 Is Canceled Then BCCI Will Lose More Than Rs 3800 Crore

If IPL 2020 were to canceled due to Coronavirus, then BCCI would have to bear heavy losses. IPL 2020 has postponed till 15 April due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Even after this, it is doubtful to organized. If the IPL not done this year, then the BCCI will lose more than Rs 3800 crore.

BCCI is the most luxurious cricket board in the world, but not being in this T20 league will prove very harmful for him. A 21-day lockdown declared in India due to the Coronavirus that would last until 14 April. Given the increasing impact of this virus infection in the country, the lockdown period is likely to be extended. BCCI officials are considering the possibility of organizing this T20 league later this year, but it does not appear to be possible. The cancellation of this league will prove to be harmful not only to the cricket fans but to the BCCI and other shareholders.

If IPL 2020 Cancelled

If the IPL 2020 does not happen this year, the BCCI is looking at a loss of Rs 3869.5 crore. Of this, Rs 3269.5 crore was to be met by the broadcaster Star Sports. Apart from this, he had to get Rs 400 crores from the main title sponsor Vivo, which would lose him. Apart from this, he will also incur a loss of Rs 200 crore from other central sponsors. In this way, BCCI will incur a loss of Rs 3869.50 crores.

If the IPL 2020 not done, then the cricketers of the country and abroad will also suffer a significant loss. The franchise’s straightforward arithmetic for this league is no cricket, no money. Due to this, the most significant damage will be to domestic cricketers who bought at a base price of 20 to 50 lakh rupees. The eight franchises included in the league will also suffer significant losses from advertising and get money (tickets). The teams estimated to lose Rs 450–500 crore as sponsorship money. The units also expected to have lost Rs 250 crore in the form of tickets. Even if the IPL shortened, the teams would be at a loss.

The team gets an average of Rs 18 to 20 crores for the front side slot on Team Jersey and Rs 5 to 7 crores for the backside ed. Similarly, 1.50 crores of advertisements on helmets. And two and a half to three crores rupees for ed on the shoulder of jerseys. The BCCI and any IPL team did not insure against the Coronavirus, because they did not even anticipate it would happen.

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