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BCCI Will Lose Rs 1675 Crore If It Breaks Ties With Chinese Companies

A top BCCI official said that Chinese smartphone maker Vivo would continue to be the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Addressing speculations, he said that even though the Chinese brand is the title sponsor of the IPL. People here have to understand that the money earned from it is finally staying in India. After the battle between India and Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. 20 soldiers of India martyred, after which people started opposing the Chinese company and goods.

The BCCI may be the wealthiest cricket board in the world with a total of Rs 11,900 crore. But if we boycott Chinese sponsors here, it will make little difference to Chinese companies. But if we talk about the loss of BCCI, then the board will incur a loss of Rs 1675 crore, which is quite high. This includes sponsorship deals and the remaining deals.

Apart from this, there will be a further loss of 1000 crore rupees because the host is the broadcaster star who gets money from Ed and Chinese companies. If we talk about the last few auctions, then this collision took place between Vivo and Oppo. Where the person who paid more money got the sponsor. In such a situation, if BCCI has to keep its total value, then it will have to keep 2,3 companies around it. So that next time there will be competition among everyone. If BCCI does not get much money, then BCCI may have suffered a considerable loss.

BCCI and Chinese Sponsor Deal (approx.)

Vivo – 2200 crores on the five-year IPL title sponsor deal. Four hundred fifty crores per year – 900 crores for the remaining two years.

Paytm – 326 crores – Loss of 180 crores for the remaining three years till 2023.

Dream XI – 210 crores for four years of IPL – 150 crores for the remaining three years.

Swiggy – 50 crores per year, loss of 25 crores for the remaining one year.

Byju’s- Jersey sponsor of 1079 crores for five years, about 210 crores per year – 420 crores for the remaining two years.

Additional 1000 Crore from revenue loss to Star through advertisement

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