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The Best Online Gaming Tips For A Safe Play


Best Online Gaming Tips: The internet has made everything possible and made everything feasible right at the comfort of your home. From opening online Saudi Arabia Casinos to opening online shopping centres, the internet’s reassurance is second to none. One such outcome of the internet has been online gaming.

Time and time again, online gaming has proved fun and beneficial for individuals. However, the realm is not always as safe as you think it would be. Therefore, everyone must practice safe gaming. Below we have made a list of tips that can help you.

Avoid unknown sources

While gaming online, several websites will offer you various games to play. However, not all of these websites deliver what they promise. These websites are often fraudulent and used for stealing user data, which is why you should avoid all unknown sources.


On the other hand, many gamers also look for cheat codes to progress under challenging games. Some websites offer these cheat codes but are not secured. If your browser gives you a warning, you should steer clear of the website.

Choose random game names.

You should take this as an unbreakable rule: you should never add your name or any information related to you in your game name. Yes, we know you think that what harm is in that? Although there may not be any harm usually, in some circumstances, using your real name, email, or birthdate can lead to identity theft.

Thus, it is recommended that you choose entirely random game names that have nothing to do with you. There is no harm in keeping a random name; moreover, it is fun since you get the free will to choose whatever you wish to call yourself.


Use a strong password.

Every website keeps telling you to keep a strong password. Moreover, applications and websites tell you whether your password is strong or weak. This is because while technology is progressing, so is hackers’ skill.

Therefore, keeping a strong password for your gaming sites becomes crucial. It is recommended that you go for a combination of alphabet and numbers in both lower and upper case. Ensure that your password does not have any detail about you.

Be aware of virus alerts.

Yes, virus alerts are great because they let you know what can potentially harm your PC. However, not all virus alerts come from your antivirus. Several hackers or websites pose as “virus alerts” to steal your data or enter your system. Therefore, beware of virus alerts and do not trust all of them.



Apart from these points, be careful while talking to players online. Even if they seem friendly and safe, do not give any personal information. Yes, online games are a great way to make friends, but you should only trust people you know personally.

That was all! Now you know some of the best online gaming tips for safe play.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra is the CO-Editor at Spot News 18. He is very passionate about His Work and Loves to Write on Technology Topics.

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