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County Championship Cricket Match Stopped Due to Helicopter


County Championship Cricket: In the world of cricket, sometimes matches are stopped for bizarre reasons. Sometimes the game was blocked due to excessive light from the sun and occasionally due to powerful winds. Many times this also happened due to the animals entering the field.

County Championship Cricket

Apart from this, it is common for the match to stop due to rain and storm. However, something happened recently in England which has never happened before. A cricket match here was stopped because a helicopter was landed on the ground during the game.

The match was being played between Durham and Gloucestershire in the County Championship. The match was being played at the County Ground in Bristol. Only five balls were bowled in the match that a helicopter landed on the field. After this, it took about 20 minutes for the match to start again.


Emergency landing of a helicopter on the ground

During the ongoing match, it was suddenly announced that an air ambulance was being launched on the field to immediately take the victims of a severe accident to the hospital. Then the Great Western Air Ambulance charity helicopter landed on the ground, and the players were removed from there. Shortly after this, the match started again at 10:30. The video of this incident is becoming quite viral on social media, and fans were speculating about it. However, Gloucestershire gave complete information about this.

Chris Rushworth shared the video.

Durham bowler Chris Rushworth shared the video of the entire incident on social media. He wrote, ‘This is happening for the first time. Play on the ground was stopped because of the helicopter. At the same time, Team Gloucestershire shared the video in which the helicopter was seen taking the victims back. Great Western Air Ambulance apologized on social media for this, saying, ‘Sorry for interrupting the match. We probably landed in the wrong fielding position as well. Wishing you all the best for the game ahead.

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