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BCCI Pressures ICC, May Decide On T20 World Cup Only On Thursday

The meeting of the International Cricket Council is to be held on Thursday at 3.30 pm according to Indian time. The main agenda of this meeting can be the election of the next chairman of the ICC. The tenure of current ICC chairman Shashank Manohar has been completed. The next chairman’s nomination can discuss in the meeting to held on Thursday. Apart from this, a decision can also take regarding the T20 World Cup at the conference.

Earlier, no result revealed in the last meeting held on June 10. Nothing has been decided yet on the election of the new chairman of the T20 World Cup played. The name of Sourav Ganguly and the head of England Cricket Ward, Colin Graves, was coming out on who could be the next ICC chairman. But neither of them is willing to confirm this.

The Clash Between IPL and World Cup

The outcome of the T20 World Cup in tomorrow’s meeting of the ICC is still unclear. Earlier, the ICC said that it needed time till July to decide on the World Cup. But after mounting pressure from the BCCI to decide on this, the ICC can decide on Thursday also.

The T20 World Cup is to be held in October-November. At the same time, BCCI has started efforts to organize the 13th season of IPL. The BCCI is considering hosting the IPL from September to November without an audience. If the organization of the World Cup gets the green signal, then it will be difficult for the BCCI to organize the IPL.

However, the possibility of organizing the World Cup this year seems unlikely. Cricket Australia had said last week that the hopes of hosting the World Cup are not much left. However, the ICC World Cup is based on the policy of wait for the decision.

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