Gautam Gambhir Got Angry With Shahid Afridi Reminded These

The struggle broke out between the two players on Twitter on Saturday amid a lockdown in India and Pakistan. Shahid Afridi raised questions in his autobiography while Gautam Gambhir answered in a very sharp manner. Shahid Afridi in his self-titled ‘Game Changer’ questioned Gautam Gambhir’s attitude. And described him as a player who has no record.

Gautam Gambhir Angry On Shahid Afridi

Gautam Gambhir reacted to this by saying to Shahid Afridi that anyone who does not remember his age will remember my record. The fight between the two players took place on micro-blogging site Twitter. After which users are also making great comments.

Gautam Gambhir wrote on his Twitter account tagging Shahid Afridi that how a person who does not even remember his age will remember my records! Ok, Shahid Afridi I remind you one. 2007 T20 World Cup Final, India vs Pakistan: Gautam 75 runs off 54 balls, Shahid Afridi 0 runs off one shot. The most important was that we won the cup. And yes, I have an attitude for those who are liars, hypocrites and opportunists.

Shahid Afridi’s autobiography published in 2019. In this book, Shahid Afridi has made some strong comments about Gautam Gambhir. Shahid Afridi, who has played cricket for Pakistan for two decades, has called Gautam arrogant.

Shahid Afridi wrote about Gambhir that some rivalry was personal, some professional, but Gambhir had a unique case. Evil Gautam. He and His Attitude Problem. After this, Shahid Afridi wrote in the book that there was a problem with Gautam Gambhir. He, who has no personality, hardly has a character like him in a great game like cricket. The one who does not have a vital record to name is simply a lot of attitudes.

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