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Shocking Video: Girl Did Dangerous Stunts With A Bicycle On The Hill


How nice it is to see different types of dangerous stunts in movies. People think that I wish we could do the same. Although this is not possible for everyone, many people in the world practice stunts and then are seen showing different types of stunts. Especially among the youth, the craze for stunts has increased a bit. She is seen doing all kinds of stunts, from cycling to bike stunts.

Many such videos are often viral on social media ( Viral Videos) keep happening, in which people quickly do even the most dangerous stunts. One such video is becoming very viral on social media nowadays, in which a girl has done such a dangerous stunt with a bicycle that you will get goosebumps just after seeing her. You hardly ever think of doing such a stunt.

In the video, you can see that a girl is standing on a high hill, and next to her, another girl comes out with a fast bicycle and jumps off the mountain. After jumping off the hill, she reaches the ground safely below, cycles fast, and climbs another high hill.


The most surprising thing about this is that the hill on which she climbs with a bicycle is very steep. Usually, it is tough to climb steep places, but it is easy for a girl. She did not fear while doing this dangerous stunt what would happen to her if she fell. This is quite an astonishing stunt.

Girl Did Dangerous Stunts With A Bicycle

This shocking video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the beautiful name destinations, which has got 92 million, i.e. 92 million views so far, while 6 million, i.e. more than 60 lakh people, have also liked the video. Has done. At the same time, people have given different reactions after watching the video. One user has written, ‘This video made me cry, while another user wrote, ‘It is hazardous; the slightest mistake can be fatal.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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