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Olympic 2021: How Much Gold in Gold Medal of Tokyo Olympics Are?


The Tokyo Olympics have begun. Indian players are placing their bets in many sports. Till now, only one medal, ‘Silver Medal’, has come in India’s bag. During the Olympics, the highest mention is made of awards. If someone keeps an eye on the medallist, many questions come to the mind of many people regarding the medal. In this, more than one question is asked, and that gold medal is made entirely of gold?

Maybe a question has come to your mind about the gold medal that after all, how much does it weigh, how much gold is there in it. In such a situation, today we tell you how much the medals received during the Olympics weigh and how much gold, silver etc. Know many unique things related to the medal…

How many grams is the medal?

Although Olympic medals are 500 grams, the medals with the highest weight are in the Tokyo Olympics. This time the gold medal is about 556 grams, while the silver medal is 550 grams and is made entirely of silver. At the same time, the bronze medal is 450 grams, which is caused by mixing 95 per cent copper and 5 per cent zinc. These medals are made by recycling many things and have about 92 per cent pure silver because it is made from glass, X-ray plates etc.


Is it a Gold Medal?

The gold medal is given only for the best performance in any one sport in the Olympics. If we talk about gold, then this medal is not entirely gold. The gold medal has only a gold plate, whereas it is made of silver. It contains only a little more than 1% gold, although it contains 6 grams of gold. According to, it includes a little more than 6 grams of gold. The gold medal is the heaviest and weighs only 6 grams of gold in it.

Who makes the medal?

The Organizing Committee of the host city is responsible for the medal’s design and may vary from game to game. Let us tell you that there is also a case of this medal, in which these medals are kept. These are also specially designed, and a ribbon is also given to the players and the medal, which has been designed uniquely Japanese.

Why do players cut medals?

David Valeckinsky has given information about the book The Complete Book of the Olympics, the President of the International Society of Olympic Historians. He told CNN that it was because of the photographers. He had spoken, ‘I think sports journalists see it as an iconic picture, something that they can sell. Players would rarely do this by themselves.’ In such a situation, it can be understood that this is just a pose to get the photo clicked, and there is no critical reason behind cutting the medal.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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