BCCI Is Considering Organizing IPL 2020 Now In These Moth

IPL 2020 New Plan

IPL 2020 can happen in October-November: IPL 2020 has postponed till April 15 due to Coronavirus. Due to this epidemic, IPL can’t start in April or May. Due to this, BCCI has set its eyes on a new window for organizing this T20 league. According to a BCCI official, if the T20 World Cup in Australia postponed to October-November, the IPL 2020 can be held at that time.

IPL 2020 Will Start In These Months

The T20 World Cup is to held in Australia from October 18 to November 15. A BCCI official said, “There is a restriction on time limits and the lockdown in Australia can extend up to 6 months, although this situation may change.” Great Britain can also implement this. It will be a matter of what the Government of India decides on in this matter. If the ICC postpone the T20 World Cup to held in Australia. Then the IPL 2020 can hold at that time. Even after this, it is necessary to stop the Coronavirus and to control the conditions.

The official said it would also not be easy for the ICC to postpone the T20 World Cup as it will be their last option. If this T20 World Cup not held this year, then it can be held in 2022 only because there is no time next year. Because of this, the ICC is not considering any time to postpone the T20 World Cup 2020.

IPL 2020 was supposed to start from March 29, but due to Coronavirus, it has postponed till April 15. Even at this time, it is almost impossible to start. Due to this, BCCI was looking for the July-September window. But it also did not appear possible, after that it has set its eyes on October-November. Still, it is possible only when the T20 World Cup postponed done.