IPL 2021: India And England Players Will Not Be Quarantined

Vivo Ipl 2021 News

IPL 2021: Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has made complete preparations for the 14th season of the Indian Premier League. The BCCI has given special discounts to the players of India and England for IPL 2021. The board has also released guidelines for the 14th season of the IPL.

IPL 2021 Guidelines

The BCCI has said in the guidelines issued by Bio Bubble that players of India and England will not have to go to Quarantine for IPL 2021. They will be able to enter the bio-bubble of their franchisees directly. However, these players will have to come by team bus or chartered flight to the franchise’s team hotel.

Players will be able to move from one bio bubble to another bio bubble

The BCCI also has an exemption to those already in the bio bubble with their national teams. They will also be able to enter the bio-bubble of their franchisees directly. This will benefit the players of South Africa. South African players will remain in the bio bubble for the ODI series against Pakistan till 02 April. After this, he will be able to come directly to his IPL camp. They, too, will not have to live in Quarantine.

Let us know that players like Quinton Dickock, Kagiso Rabada, David Miller, Enrique Nortje and Lungi Nagidi will participate in this ODI series. However, they will have to come from India Chartered Flight.

12 bio-bubbles will be made

For the 14th season of the IPL 2021, 12 Bio Bubbles will be created, out of which eight Bio Bubbles will be for teams and sports staff. Simultaneously, two bio bubble matches will be for officials and team management, and two bio bubble broadcasts will be for commentators and crew.

Team owners will have to stay for seven days.

The BCCI has said that the team owners who want to come into the bio bubble will have to stay in their hotel room for seven days in quarantine. The BCCI will appoint four security staff for each franchise. This security staff will monitor the rules of the BioSecure Environment.

Players will not be able to use saliva.

The BCI has also banned the use of saliva in IPL 2021. Simultaneously, the ball will be sanitised when it goes into the stand or off the field.