Kamran Akmal Says Umar Needs To Learn From Kohli How To Go Forward

Kamran Akmal News

Pakistan cricketer Omar Akmal has banned for three years because of a corruption case. Former Pakistan cricketer and Omar’s brother Kamran Akmal has advised Akmal to learn from Virat Kohli. Kamran says that Omar Akmal should learn from Virat, Dhoni and Sachin to advance in career.

Kamran Akmal Controversies

For the past several years, Omar Kamran has been in controversies over his fitness and fights with the coach. Kamran said, “It has been tough for us as a family, not just because of Kovid-19 but also because of what happened to Omar.” What the media has told cannot be done like that. He would have given information about it late, but the PCB should have treated him as he does with other players.

Gave The Example Of Dhoni-Sachin

Kamran Akmal says that Omar has suffered a lot with Mickey Arthur and needed to with him. He said, “My advice to Omar is that he has to learn. If he has made a mistake, he has to learn from others. We play together, and our focus is only on cricket. He is still young. A lot of life Things come to mind, but he should learn from Virat Kohli. In the early days of the IPL, Virat was a different player, but then he changed his attitude and approach. ”

Along with this, Kamran Akmal advised Omar to learn from Dhoni’s superb captaincy and Sachin’s calm nature. Please tell that Omar Akmal has banned for three years because of not giving information about a fixing case to the board. Umar Akmal cannot play cricket in any format for three years now.

Kamran Akmal Himself Has Been A Part Of The Pakistani Team For A Long Time. However, Kamran Akmal Was Forced Out Of The Team Due To His Poor Wicketkeeping.

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