Michael Vaughan Commented On IPL, Kevin Pietersen Attacked

Kevin Pietersen and Michael Vaughan IPL

Former England captain Kevin Pietersen has indirectly told his former captain Michael Vaughan not to spread negative things about him. Michael Vaughan has recently said in an interview that many England players were jealous of him due to Peterson’s big IPL deal.

Kevin Pietersen Attacks Vaughan

Peterson tweeted, ‘Surprise. We are still getting headlines. Can I request one not to talk about it again? We have all gone beyond this, and in my career, many such wonderful things can talk about. He said, “We are going through a difficult phase at this time, where there is a need for positivity.”

These Five Players Were Jealous By Kevin Pietersen

Von said in an interview with FoxSports, “I think the players were very jealous at the time and now that the players would refuse it. But I think it was the time when Kevin Pietersen got a big IPL contract.” The former England captain said, ‘There were many things and rumors in the team. There was a group of Graeme Swann, James Anderson, Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad, and Matt Prior. There were reports that these people are on one side, and Kevin is separate and alone.

England’s Team Had Controversy

Vaughan said, ‘Kevin Pietersen wanted to go to the IPL, and that’s where it all started, and that’s when the group formed. Kevin said that he wants to play because it will benefit the ODI team. And all the ODI players will get an opportunity to play there. But he felt that he was going only for money. They got a big deal while the rest do not get it.

Vaughan said, “This had caused a lot of controversy between Kevin and the whole team.” During this interview, Vaughan also said that Peterson should not have played for England again after Text Gate.