Liverpool Can Win The EPL Trophy For First Time In 30 Years

Liverpool EPL Trophy 2020

Liverpool, the prestigious football club of the English Premier League (EPL Trophy) for 28 years, has been trying to get the trophy to its name and when it got closer to it this year, the Coronavirus bounced its hopes. Manager Jürgen Klopp’s side Liverpool could have secured the title by winning just two more but the English Premier League has been postponed to 30 April due to the Coronavirus.

Even after this, however, the league is not expected to be completed. In such a situation, there is a demand among football fans that Liverpool is given the champion trophy. However, there are some Liverpool opponents who say that one of the advantages of Coronavirus was that the club could not become EPL champions for the first time.

Liverpool currently tops the points table with 82 points and second-placed manager Pep Guardiola’s side Manchester City are 25 points behind. Klopp’s team has nine matches to play. If this team had won two matches then it would have been sure to win their trophy as it would have been difficult for any other team to score more than that.

Liverpool  English Premier League

Relief in May: Due to Coronavirus, the league was first postponed till April 3, but on Thursday, 20 clubs and EPL officials decided not to hold it until April 30. In England, many football officials said that if this league ends, then Liverpool should award the title trophy and there are many clubs in its favor. However, Liverpool will still have to wait until May for the winner’s trophy. Liverpool may be awarded the winner’s trophy in the match against Chelsea on 9 May but all will depend on Coronavirus circumstances.

Waiting on Enfield too: After such a long wait Liverpool’s team and its fans are eager to celebrate it at their home ground. Looking at the current situation, it seems that the rest of the match is not likely to happen in the empty stadium. However, the decision to resume this session will be taken by officials of the British Government, FA, and EPL and it will all depend on the impact of Coronavirus in England. At the moment no one knows whether this session will resume.

Teams Not Out

Teams not out: A total of 20 clubs play in the EPL. If this season ends here, the three teams at the bottom of the table will relegate from the EPL to the English Football League (EFL). The remaining 17 teams will remain in the EPL. The top two teams of EFL will automatically be promoted in the next season of EPL in place of the three teams who will be relegated. The winning team of the playoff series between the third, fourth, fifth and sixth-placed teams in the EFL will make it to the 20th team in the EPL.

Some officials of the EPL Trophy say that Liverpool should now be postponed to give Liverpool the winning trophy and the teams that are out of the league should not be dropped from this season. If this is done then the programs of EFL, FA Cup, etc. will also be affected. The EFL is the second-largest football tournament in England after the EPL.

Liverpool: EPL Trophy 2020

Interesting battle in the exits as well: According to the EPL rule, the three teams who are at the bottom of the table are out of the EPL, but if we look at the current table, the battle to be out of the league is interesting. Looking at the bottom five places, West Ham, Watford and Bournemouth have teams at the 16th, 17th and 18th places respectively. All three have 27-27 marks.

In such a situation, these three teams were trying to avoid the situation of being out. At the same time, Villa with 25 points in 19th place is Norwich City with 21 points at the bottom. Now the problem with the EPL is that if Liverpool make champions, then which of these three teams will be relegated.

Klopp’s team won’t celebrate: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp also admitted that the team and their fans will not celebrate until the team’s title is confirmed. Alexander Severin, president of the European Football Association, has said that he had not given any advice to any club or EPL that this English league should be scrapped here.

Current English Premier League Marks Table

Liverpool Burnley2911061239
Manchester City2818030757
Leicester City2916050853
Manchester United2912090845
Sheffield United2811100743
Crystal Palace2910091039
West Hum2907061627
Norwick City2905061821


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