Mike Hussey Says MS Dhoni Is The Greatest Finisher Of All Time

Mike Hussey and MS Dhoni

Former Australian batsman Mike Hussey has praised Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Mike Hussey has said that he did not see a great finisher like the legendary Indian wicketkeeper-batsman MS Dhoni in his life. Hussey, who made his debut in international cricket at the age of 30, is known as Mr. Cricket. Hussey has played IPL for Chennai Super Kings under the captaincy of MS Dhoni.

Mike Hussey Said To MS Dhoni

Speaking on ESPN Cricinfo’s video podcast with a former Indian team player and cricket expert Sanjay Manjrekar, Mike Hussey has said, “MS Dhoni is the all-time great finisher who has been born by the cricket world.” He adds, “Dhoni keeps himself calm and lets the opposition captain blink in the first place. Dhoni also has incredible power. He knows when he needs to put a boundary, he does it. I have that kind of self-confidence. Honestly, I never had that kind of confidence in myself. ”

Mahendra Singh Dhoni News

Former Australian batsman Mike Hussey, who shared the dressing up of Chennai Super Kings with Dhoni, has said that 38-year-old Indian batsman MS Dhoni believes that the one who gets terrorized in the last one wins the game. He has said that I never tried to give up B12 or 13 runs in an over because, in such a situation, it is challenging to finish the match, but MS Dhoni has done this many times.

Mike Hussey has said, “I have learned from Dhoni how he finishes the match. He is unbelievable. He believes that the one who wins the last one wins the game as well. So Dhoni keeps himself calm and makes it long. Keep time, because the pressure is on the bowler as well. They don’t give up for too long. If they lose, they move quickly. They don’t let their defeat or victory become an obstacle in their thinking. De Fields. “