Nick Hockley Became New CEO Of Cricket Australia

Nick Hockley CEO of Cricket Australia

Nick Hockley: Cricket Australia (CA) is struggling with an economic crisis among Coronaviruses. Meanwhile, CA’s Chief Executive (CEO) Kevin Roberts has resigned from the post. He laid off 80% of his employees due to financial constraints. After this, he was getting a lot of criticism.

Nick Hockley New CEO Of Cricket Australia

In place of Roberts, Nick Hockley has been appointed CA’s interim chief executive. Earlier in 2018, Roberts became Chief Executive in place of James Sutherland. His contract was to end next year.

This year there will be a T20 World Cup in Australia and a series with India, Australia has to host the T20 World Cup in October-November this year. After this, India also has to play 4 Tests and 3 ODIs home series. If the Indian team does not go on tour, CA could suffer a loss of 2400 crores.

I like the post of CEO of Cricket Australia: Roberts, after resigning, said, “I got such a big job on this game and board, I consider myself lucky for that. I quite like the position of CEO of Cricket Australia. Our players and staff are all fantastic. He has done a lot for the game. I am proud of what we all achieved together. I thank those who give their blood and sweat to this game. ”

The association angered Roberts’ decision’s an association of CA officials with the Cricket Association of all States of Australia. Several employees were fired, with Roberts cutting all the association’s funds. Also, a test of the India-Australia series was to be held in Perth, whose host was taken away. All the associations were angry with these decisions.

Rugby officials also removed. Apart from Cricket Australia, the condition of rugby is also deteriorating. Earlier, prominent officials of the game like Rugby Australia CEO Ralene Castle and National Rugby League (NRL) CEO Todd Greenberg have also been removed from their posts.