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Team India Deserved to Lose Against Pakistan!


India Pakistan T20 World Cup 2021: According to the fans, at present, there is no better cricket team in any format than this. But the claim of foreign experts is the opposite. At least in the case of T20Is, he does not consider us as the top team anywhere. But our poor fans do not take the load of these experts. He has a simple claim – our team is the best.

India Pakistan T20 World Cup 2021

And now the same fans are saying good and evil to Team India. If someone loses his sleep, then someone is not feeling hungry. Pakistan has rubbed India so severely on the ground of Dubai that it cannot speak to anyone. And with full sympathy to these unspoken people, I would like to say that Team India deserved to lose in this match.

And to prove this time, I will count not one but three reasons.

Poor batting

You can’t afford to lose two wickets for just three runs against any team. That too, when your middle order is going through its worst phase. And also the wickets of those guys on whom the whole of India was waiting. That one of the two will do wonders. But nothing worked out of these two.


Shaheen Shah Afridi dealt these two in successive overs. And both got out on the balls coming in. These veterans, who have scored thousands of runs by roaming all over the world, had no answer to the bowling of the 21-year-old boy. That too, when the world knew that Shaheen takes a wicket in his first over in T20.

It means that your preparation was not complete. You did not study the front bowlers properly. Your support staff didn’t tell you what kind of bowling Shaheen does. And the support staff still understand, what did you prepare? Been in UAE for one and a half months. The entire IPL is over. And your preparation is such that just like Aamir dealt with you, Shaheen was also dealt with. This is shameful.

Moreover, after his dismissal, nothing happened to Suryakumar Yadav and Hardik Pandya too. Good luck to Virat Kohli and Rishabh Pant, that we reached 151. Otherwise, you would have lost more badly.


Team Selection

Virat Kohli has clearly said after losing to Pakistan,

‘I fielded the team which, in my opinion, was the best.’

But is this true? No. of course not. Not at all. I can’t even accept it. You can’t put out a confident, running guy like Ishan Kishan. That too, when there is such a big match and a lot of stakes is in it. And the guy in front is doing better than your two available options.


You gave Hardik Pandya a chance. And nothing happened to them. He has not been doing bowling for a long time, and he is not doing batting. So what’s the point of keeping him in the team? You have Shardul Thakur sitting on the bench. Bande’s golden period is going on. He is doing fantastic with both bat and ball, and you are not giving him a chance.

With Rahul Chahar and Ravichandran Ashwin on the bench, we are going with only five bowling options because we have determined that only the man who comes at number seven will win the match with the bat. We have kept the remaining six just for show.

Poor Bowling

A total of 151 runs in T20 is not so bad that the team loses by ten wickets. But when your bowlers do such poor bowling, then there will be no other option. Our bowling started from the fifth stump. Bhuvi put the first ball of the innings on the fifth stump. On the pitch where the Pakistani bowlers kept the balls at full length and on the wicket, our bowlers were seen running away from the stumps.


From spinners to pacers, everyone looked demoralised. Barring the first over of Jasprit Bumrah and Varun Chakraborty, our bowlers were always on the back foot. We did not get a single wicket in the bowling of almost 18 overs. There was not a single ball that troubled Babar and Rizwan. No team can win by taking such bowling.

And based on these three points, I would like to say again; we did not deserve to win.

Abhay Singh
Abhay Singh is Our Journalist at Spot News 18. He Loves to Gather News and to Provide Authentic News to Our Readers. He Is very Passionated about his Work.

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