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Video: Pakistani TV Channel Pays Tribute to Shoaib Malik


Tribute to Shoaib Malik: Before the T20 World Cup, the Pakistani cricket team is in constant discussion. On Saturday, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced that Shoaib Malik had been included in the team in place of Shoaib Maqsood. Since then, the anger of Pakistanis has erupted on social media.

In fact, despite Shoaib Malik’s poor form, Pakistanis are very angry with his inclusion in the team. He is constantly sharing reactions and funny memes with the hashtags #ShoaibMalik and #T20WorldCup2021. There has been a flood of comments against Shoaib Malik on Twitter.

Pakistani TV Channel Pays Tribute to Shoaib Malik

Meanwhile, a tribute program of Pakistan’s Sama TV, taunting the return of Shoaib Malik to the team, is going viral on social media. You, too, will not control your laughter after watching how the channel has made a program on Shoaib Malik. The program went on air on the track on Saturday evening. The anchor is saying, ‘This man who has seen four decades in the world of cricket. The world has changed, but one person has not changed… that is Shoaib Malik.


The channel took a jibe at Shoaib Malik and compared him with many funny things. So let’s see this funny video first.

In its satirical report, this Pakistani channel explained in great detail how mobile phones changed from Pervez Musharraf’s regime to Imran Khan’s regime. Still, one person who hasn’t changed is Shoaib Malik. This 39-year-old Pakistani cricketer has been playing since 1999.

By the way, let us tell you that earlier, PCB President and former Pakistani player Rameez Raja has made a considerable disclosure about the India-Pakistan match. Rameez Raja has said that an investor has promised that if Pakistan’s team beats India in the T20 World Cup, he will give a blank check to the Pakistan Cricket Board.

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