Prithvi Shaw Gets A Bat From Sachin Tendulkar At The Age Of 8 Years

Prithvi Shaw on Sachin Tendulkar News

Coming from an elementary background, Indian batsman Prithvi Shaw’s cricketing stardom is the result of years of hard work and dedication. Prithvi Shaw talked about the sacrifices made at every turn of his life. Due to which he has become a successful cricketer today. His father also played a significant role in making him a cricketer. Prithvi Shaw spoke openly about this dedication at Cricbuzz’s select show.

He said, “For my practice, we had to leave Virar every day, around 4:30 in the morning we would get up and return late at night between twelve to one o’clock. Even on Sunday, the match was not I would have gone on the field and worked on my fitness. Dad had given up everything for my game, my business, and my career too. ” Prithvi Shaw’s father loved his game, but the son was a little nervous.

Prithvi Shaw Gets A Bat From Him

Shaw’s father explains, “I remember, Sachin Tendulkar was taking a particular interest in my son’s batting. But he felt that my interference had affected my son’s performance. So one day Sachin came to me And said that I should sit a little distance away and watch the game. My presence was affecting my son’s mood, which was affecting his performance. Since that day, I have always viewed the matches of the earth from a distance. ”

Tendulkar has contributed a lot to the life of Prithvi Shaw. The Indian opener said, “He (Sachin Tendulkar) first saw me playing when I was just eight years old. My game was still half over, so he waited for my game to end and quietly watched the match. When I met him after the game was over, he told me that if I kept batting like that, I could go a long way, and then he gifted me a great bat. I could not say anything, just Thanked him, and nodded his head in yes. ”

Prithvi Shaw, who scored a century in Test cricket debut for the Indian team, says, “When I picked up that bat, I knew I had to do something. I still remember how great that bat was. She was so much better than any bat I’ve used. That moment became the defining moment of my life. That moment inspired me to be a cricketer as I am today. “