RCB Tells Virat Kohli Thanos, After Breaking 6 Records Against England

RCB Tells Virat Kohli Thanos Avengers

The whole country is desperate to watch the Indian Premier League (IPL 2021) at the moment, which will start on 9 April. Fans are also excited to see Virat Kohli’s performance, the captain of the Indian cricket team. Like every season of the series. Meanwhile, the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) Twitter page has compared its captain Virat Kohli to the famous Hollywood superhero film Avengers Thanos (Thanos), which has an interesting reason behind it.

RCB Tells Virat Kohli Thanos

In fact, in the film Thanos, after getting all five stones. Wiped out half of the world’s population by playing a pinch. Similarly, the RCB Twitter page says that ‘Virat Kohli also disappears half the records of others as soon as he plays a pinch.’

Let me tell you that Virat’s performance in the recently concluded India vs England series was not as expected. But still, the Indian captain broke six records. Out of the six, Virat Kohli made his name as a captain in the ‘T20’ category in the 50 most categories. Kohli broke Rohit Sharma’s record during the T20 against England. Kohli has 26 half-centuries in T20 while Rohit has 25.

Also, Virat Kohli scored 3000 T20I runs. Kohli became the first batsman to score 3,000 runs in T20I.

Also, Kohli became the fastest player to score 12,000 runs in one-day international cricket. Kohli also became the third captain to score 12,000 or more runs in international cricket. The other two are Ricky Ponting and Graeme Smith.

Interestingly, RCB’s Twitter handle page has underlined Virat Kohli as the first player to score 10,000 runs in ODIs, batting at No. 3, 10,000 runs in the country in international cricket, and a bilateral tee. He has scored the most runs in 20 series.