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When Sourav Ganguly Got Angry With The Mischief Of Sachin Tendulkar


There is a close friendship between two former captains of the Indian team and former batters, Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly. Both opened the innings for the Indian team in ODI cricket for a long time. But do you know when the first meeting between the two great batters occurred? The friendship between Ganguly and Sachin had happened long before they came to the Indian team.

First meeting with Sachin in U-15 camp

Sachin Tendulkar may have appeared very serious on the field, but he is pretty funny and happy. Besides this, he used to joke a lot with his fellow players and in the same way, he once pranked Ganguly. Sourav Ganguly told in an interview about this mischief of Sachin and the first meeting with him. He said this happened when Sachin and I went for the under-15 camp. This camp was held in Indore. It was my first meeting with Sachin in this camp. I saw a boy with curly hair who used to bat very well in the nets. That’s when I was impressed by him.

Sachin filled Ganguly’s room with water with friends.

Sachin also told about the meeting with Ganguly in an interview and that mischief. Sachin said everyone was resting one day after the end of practice. I have seen that Ganguly often goes to rest after practice. I thought, how will it go like this, because unless he meets all of us, how will there be friendship. So one day, Jatin Paranjpe and Kedar Godbole thought of playing a prank on Ganguly. I remember we filled Ganguly’s room with water.


When I woke up, there was water everywhere.

At the same time, Ganguly said about this incident; I was sleeping and suddenly woke up. I saw the whole room was flooded with water and my clothes, shoes and suitcases were flowing in the water. I thought the bathroom tap must have been left open, but when I went there, I saw that the tap was closed. Then I heard something from the door of the room.

When I opened the door, Sachin was standing in front. I asked what all this, brother was, and then Sachin said that you were sleeping while we wanted you to spend some time with us. Ganguly said that what was the need to fill water in the room for this, he would have told me like this. But after this mischief, both of them became good friends.

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