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Pakistani Captain Shahid Afridi – I Already Knew That I Could Get Infected

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi had been infected with Corona only last week. They said that they were in Quarantine. Now he shared a video on Facebook saying that he already knew they could be infected. They are recovering now, but 2-3 days of onset were in great pain.

Afridi said, “I knew I could be infected with Corona because I was traveling a lot with charity work.” However, I am satisfied that I was late for Corona and meanwhile I could help a lot of people. If Corona had happened earlier, I might not be able to help so many people. ”

Afridi, who spent 2-3 days in great pain, has said in the Facebook video that his health is slowly improving. Now they are feeling fine. Afridi said that 2-3 days of commencement were evil. His body was in great pain. They are taking medicines; now, their health is improving.

Shahid Afridi – I Am Not Able to Embrace Children

Afridi said, “The greatest difficulty for me is that I cannot love children, nor can I embrace them.” I miss my children, but to keep them safe, it is essential to take care and keep a distance. There is no need to panic much about this disease. Unless you fight disease on your own, you cannot beat it. ”

Afridi has scored 1716 in 27 Tests, and 8064 runs in 398 ODIs. He has 1416 runs in 99 T20s. Afridi has played only ten matches in the IPL, scoring 81 runs.

Afridi was informed about the Corona being infected by tweet last week. He tweeted, “I have been feeling sick since Thursday.” There is a lot of body pain. I got the test done, and unfortunately, I am positive. Prayers are needed to get well soon. ”

Gautam Gambhir Also Wished To Get Well Soon

Former India batsman Gautam Gambhir recently said, “Nobody should infect with this virus.” I have political differences with Shahid Afridi, but I want him to recover as soon as possible. More than Afridi, I wish that every person infected in my country should cure at the earliest.

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