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The Founder of Sonnet Cricket Club Tarak Sinha Died


Tarak Sinha Died: Cricket coach who gave many talented players to the Indian team. He left this world at around 3 in the morning of Saturday, 6 November. Tarak was 71 years old. It is being told that he was ill for the past several months and was undergoing treatment. Now, after his departure, his students are remembering him.

The Founder of Sonnet Cricket Club Tarak Sinha Died

Tarak Sinha was the founder of Sonet Cricket Club, and his coaching has produced many players playing international cricket. Also, under his coaching, more than 100 players have made a name for themselves in first-class cricket.

Sonnet Cricket Club Statement

Giving information about the death of its founder, Sonnet Cricket Club said,


‘We have to share with a heavy heart the sad news that Mr Tarak Sinha, Founder of Sonet Cricket Club, has left us at 3 am on Saturday after fighting a courageous battle with lung cancer for two months. He is the soul of the Sonnet Cricket Club, which has given so many great players to India and Delhi cricket.

The statement further said,

‘We would like to thank all those who have been with him during this difficult time and pray for his recovery. We would also like to appreciate the efforts made by the doctors of Jaipur and Delhi, who tried their best to save him.


Tarak sir’s pride was his student. And his support had given him the courage to move forward in this time. He was only thinking of grooming young talent during this fight. Even at the age of 70, he was excited to take the field and work on young cricketers’.

Concluding its talk, the club said,

‘He was in a good mood till his last breath, believing that he could still stand on his feet. It’s a heavy day for all of us at Sonnet Club. To the cricket fraternity an,d most important, thee students who have always looked up to him as a guardian’.


What did the students say?

Let us tell you that coach Tarak Sinha has prepared many players like Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant, Akash Chopra, Anjum Chopra, Nitish Rana, Ashish Nehra. They have made a mark in international cricket.

After his departure, Aakash Chopra wrote,

‘Ustad Ji is no longer with us. Dronacharya Awardee. Coach of more than a dozen Indian Test Cricketers and many First Class Cricketers. Both male and female. Without any institutional help. Your service to Indian cricket will be remembered, sir. May your soul rest in peace. om Shanti.’


Anjum Chopra wrote,

‘The Coach. Tarak Sinha. The nursery of Sonet Cricket Club has seen many international and domestic players (female and male) make a mark. Guide, Mentor, Coach. May your soul rest in peace, sir. Thanks. My coach’.

Sports legend Joy Bhattacharya wrote,


Tarak Sinha has started Delhi’s Legendary Sonnet Cricket Club after being ignored by the selectors for the CK Nayudu Trophy. But he could not miss his students – Manoj Prabhakar, Atul Vasan, Raman Lamba, Ashish Nahra, Akash Chopra, Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant and many others more. May your soul rest in peace, Cricket Guru.

Continuing his point, Joy wrote,

‘This list should include Anjum Chopra, one of his star students. Tarak has done an excellent job with women’s cricket.


Let us tell you that Tarak Sinha was honoured with the Dronacharya Award in 2018.

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