Olympics To Be Postponed Till 2021; Know What Other Countries Said

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Coronavirus

Even though host Japan has been continuously saying that the Tokyo Olympics 2020 will be scheduled, it is less likely to happen. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has said that it will take any decision regarding the Olympics in four weeks. Meanwhile, Canada has announced a buyout of Tokyo Games given the threat of coronavirus. Many organizations in America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, are demanding to carry forward the Olympic Games. India is in a state of weight and watch. Things are becoming such that the Olympic Games can progress for some time.

IOC member Dick Pound indicated that the Olympics could postpone. He said, “As far as I understand the IOC does not want to cancel the Olympics, and it is not in favour of it starting on July 24. So I think it will come up with Plan B in the next 4 weeks, Which could be the game to pursue. ” The Olympic Games are to be held from July 24 to August 9.

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Dick Pound told USA Today that it was easy if the IOC had to decide to cancel the Olympics. It was comfortable to announce. But he can postpone it for some time or perhaps until 2021. IOA wants to make Plan B for this. That is why he has taken four weeks so that he can talk to all the parties involved in the event.

Canada is the first country that has made it clear that it will not participate in the Tokyo Olympics to held from July 24. He said that the safety of his players is more important than anything else.

Different institutions, including the US swimming, track and field, have demanded the postponement of the Olympics. However, the US as a country is talking about the support of Japan and the IOC.

Australia has not announced Boycott but has indicated it. He has asked his players to make their preparations in such a way that the Olympics are going to held next year.

Britain has also indicated Boycott of Olympics. British Olympic Association (BOA) chairman Hugh Robertson said, “If the virus persists, I don’t think Britain would be willing to send its players there.”

India saw in a state of waiting and watching. Indian Olympic Association (IOA) chief Narendra Batra said, “IOA will take any decision keeping in mind the wellbeing of the players. At the moment, we are monitoring the situation. We are receiving updates every day. We look at the policy now and wait Moving on. ”

Norway and New Zealand have said that players should not send to participate in the Olympics until the coronavirus controlled.

Indonesia has said that it will support the decision of the organizers and the IOC. He is confident that the health and safety of the players will be taken care of before reaching any conclusion.