Pakistani Batsman Equals Virat Kohli in ICC Rankings, Created History

Virat Kohli Babar Azam

ICC Rankings: Indian team captain Virat Kohli is in every format of cricket. Virat, who has been ranked number one in ODI International. And Test rankings for a long time now is now competing with the Pakistan batsman. Virat was the only player in the world who was in the top 10 in all three formats of international cricket. But now Pakistani batsman Babar Azam has also joined this list.

Virat Kohli ICC Ranking

Actually, while Virat Kohli is at number one in ODIs and Tests, T20 is ranked 10th in international cricket. In this way, Virat is in the top 10 of all three formats of international cricket. Meanwhile, after the Test ranking released by the International Cricket Council on Monday. Babar Azam of Pakistan called Virat Kohli has reached the top 10 in this list along with Virat Kohli. Earlier, he was in the top 10 in ODIs and T20 International cricket.

Virat Kohli Babar Azam ICC Ranking

Babar Azam International Ranking

Right-handed batsman Babar Azam has held the number one position in T20 International cricket for a long time. At the same time, Babar Azam is ranked number 3 in ODI cricket. Also, Babar Azam’s current ranking in Test cricket is 9. In this way, Babar Azam has also become the first batsman of Pakistan to be in the top 10 in all three formats of international cricket. Babar Azam has created history by joining Virat Kohli is a special class. However, Rohit Sharma has also done this feat before.

10 ODI Centuries Hit Before Virat

Babar Azam has done a great job of scoring 10 ODI international centuries in fewer innings than Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli’s scored 10 ODI centuries in 80 innings. At the same time, the Pakistani batsman has done this amazing in 72 innings. However, the case holds the world record for Quinton Dickock, who has scored 10 centuries in 55 innings. After Hockim Amla comes to the name of Dickock, who has done this amazing in 57 matches.