Virat Kohli Gives Credit for RCB Win, Told How Come Back in The Match

Virat Kohli Gives Credit for RCB Win in IPL 2021

IPL 2021: Royal Challengers Bangalore, who have not won any title so far in the 14th season of the Indian Premier League, have got a good start. Virat Kohli’s team has managed to win both their matches in the opening round of IPL. Captain Virat Kohli has credited Glenn Maxwell’s 59-run innings for defeating Sarnizers Hyderabad in a very exciting game.

Virat Kohli Gives Credit for RCB Win

He says that Glenn Maxwell’s innings proved to be a big difference between Hyderabad and RCB. Virat Kohli said, “You need to get a rhythm in the first six overs. But for us, this work was done by Glenn Maxwell. It was because of Maxwell’s innings that we were able to reach 150 against the Sunrisers.

However, Virat Kohli was confident of winning despite the low score. The captain said, “We were not disturbed by the good start of Hyderabad. We knew that getting one, two wickets on this pitch can become an opportunity for you to come back. We managed to do so. ”

RCB is advancing according to plan

Virat Kohli said that our plan was right on Chepauk’s pitch. Captain Kohli said, “It is difficult to bat on this pitch with the old ball.” I knew that we could also win with a score of 149. We have got two wins in the first two matches, and we are proceeding according to our plan. ”

Let me tell you that after scoring 149 runs, it was not easy for RCB to save the match. Hyderabad’s team needed 34 runs to win in the last four overs. But Virat Kohli’s team made a strong comeback and named the game by six runs.

Earlier, in the opening match of the 14th season of IPL, RCB defeated Mumbai Indians by two wickets.