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Why Athletes Bite Medals With Teeth In Olympics?


After winning the medal in the Olympics, pictures of athletes are seen cutting their medals with their teeth. These pictures are the most common. It has become like a tradition. Its debut in the Olympics is also quite interesting. It is also interesting that most athletes do this, but they are unaware of how this tradition started. Know, what is the reason for biting the medal with the teeth?

How did the tradition of cutting medals start? Why only athletes do this? Who stamps the size and design of the medal, know the answers to these questions…

Before knowing the reason for this, let us first understand the medal’s history.


The Olympics are counted among the ancient sports. It started in that era; then, athletes used to play it to get respect. Then there is neither silver medal nor bronze. Truly the modern Olympic Games began in Athens in 1896. Then only silver and bronze medals were given. The trend of gold medal started in 1904. This gold medal was solid and was slightly smaller than the other two medals. How the medal will be, how heavy it will be and how it will be designed, currently all this is decided by the International Olympic Committee.

Some Athletes Bite Medals With Their Teeth

Now Understand Why Athletes Cut Medals

A report in Sportskeeda says that the reason for cutting the medal with teeth was its testing. It was cut with a tooth, and it was checked that there was no impurity. This was mainly done with medals made of gold because, in those days, gold was mixed with other hard metals to make it hard.


If the teeth were cut on the right side of the medal, it was clear that metals like lead have been used as adulteration. A better medal is hard and does not leave marks even when cut.

It was a matter of identifying the real and fake medals. Now know, why do players do this?

Its connection is with photography. Photographers ask the athlete to pose after winning a medal in the Olympics. But most of the athletes used to take photographs while holding the medals and smiling. The photographers repeatedly asked him to change the pose, but due to nothing to pose around, the same pictures came out.


It was only after this that the tradition of cutting the medal with the teeth started; the aim was only to bring some uniqueness to the pictures. In this way, the tradition of cutting the medal started, which continues today.

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