Talking on Mobile Is Expensive, Know Which Company Increase The Price

‘Time’s wheel moves, the day falls, night comes’ This song from Amitabh Bachchan’s film Bhootnath is a great hit on the Indian telecom industry these days. The night may not have come, but there have been black clouds on the telecom. While competing with each other for a long time, Indian telecom companies were bringing cheaper plans to the market. This competition had reduced the profits of the companies, but the mobile users were getting only profit from every side. For the last one or two years, the tariff plans of all the companies were getting cheaper, the lower price was never in the Indian market.

Check The Price of Different Operator

But now the cheap days are over and Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea have increased the prices of their plans. Mobile users are surprised and disappointed by the increase in prices by companies. Next, we have told the details of the plans of all the telecom companies which were being used the most by the users. Here you will be able to know at what price these plans were sold earlier. And now how much money the users will have to pay.


199 Plan

Airtel’s Rs 199 plan comes for 28 days in which customers get unlimited voice calling for the whole month with 2GB internet data and 100 SMS every day. This plan has increased from Rs 199 to Rs 298 now. That means 99 rupees more.

Rs 249 Plan

In this plan with 28 days validity, 100 SMS and unlimited voice calling were given daily by Airtel with 2GB internet data every day. Now give the same benefit, the price of this plan has increased from Rs 249 to Rs 298. That means 49 rupees more.

Airtel Offer

Rs 349 Plan

This plan of Airtel used to give 100 SMS and unlimited voice calling every day with 3GB internet data every day for 28 days. But now the price of this plan has increased from Rs 349 to Rs 398. And the daily data has reduced from 3 GB to 2.5 GB per day. That is, the price is Rs 49 more and the total data is 14 GB less (84 GB – 70 GB).
Rs 448 plan

This plan of Airtel used to come for 82 days in which users used to get 1 GB internet every day. Along with this, 100 SMS and unlimited voice calling were receiving every day. The benefits in the plan are the same as before but the validity has increased from 82 days to 84 days. The company has increased the price of this plan from Rs 448 to Rs 598. 150 rupees more than before.

Rs 499 Plan

Airtel’s Rs 499 plan was the most preferred plan for the users. The validity of this plan was 82 days, in which unlimited voice calling was available with 2 GB data. And 100 SMS every day. At the same time, Airtel has extended the validity of the plan by two days, to 84 days and the price has increased from Rs 499 to Rs 698. That is, the plan became expensive by Rs 199.

Vodafone Idea

Vodafone has completely changed all its existing plans. The company has not only changed the price of the plan but has also changed the validity of the plan and the data limit available. In such a situation, without comparing these plans issued by Vodafone with the old plans. They will be called completely new plans. In our report, we are referring to plans with a validity of 28 days and plans with a validity of 84 days.

28-Day Validity Plans

In the new plan of Vodafone priced at Rs 149, users will be given 2 GB internet data every day. With this, customers will receive a total of 300 SMS for the whole month. This plan will get unlimited voice calls in which users will be able to talk on off-network for only 1000 minutes.


In the plan priced at Rs 249, users will be given 1.5 GB of internet data every day. Along with this, you will receive unlimited on-network calling every day with 100 SMS and 1000 off-network minutes.

In the Vodafone plan of Rs 299, users will get 2 GB of internet data every day. This plan will also receive 100 SMS and 1000 off-network minutes every day as well as unlimited on-network calling.

Every day 3 GB internet data will give by Vodafone in the plan priced at Rs 299. Along with 100 SMS per day, this plan will also get unlimited on-network calling with 1000 off-network minutes.

84-Day Validity Plans

In the Vodafone plan priced at Rs 379. Users will give a total of 6 GB Internet data for complete validity. This plan will get 1000 SMS for 84 days and unlimited on-network calling with 3000 off-network minutes.

In the plan priced at Rs 599, Vodafone will give 1.5 GB of internet data and 100 SMS daily to its customers. Unlimited in-network calling users will also get 3000 off-network minutes in this plan.

Every day 2 GB internet data will give by the company in the plan priced at Rs 699. This plan will also get 1000 off-network minutes with 100 SMS and unlimited on-network calling every day.


Reliance Jio

Jio is the only company after which there has been a big change in the Indian telecom market. Although Reliance Jio has not yet revealed the price and tariff of its plan it has announced from the company that Jio will soon introduce it’s new all in one plan. These plans will implement across the country from December 6. Jio has stated that the plans brought by the company will be 40 percent more expensive than the existing plans. At the same time, Jio has said that with the price being forty percent higher. These plans will also give 300 percent more benefits than before.

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