Airtel Shuts Down 3G Network in Haryana Upgrade to 4G Network

Airtel has taken a big step in the Indian telecom market today. The company has discontinued its 3G service in the state of Haryana, North India. After being in the Indian telecom market for many years and providing 3G internet connectivity and its services to crores of people, Airtel 3G is now on the verge of being shut down across the country. While Airtel started its 3G shutdown from the city of Calcutta in June, now with the announcement to discontinue 3G across the state of Haryana, Airtel has shocked not only its customers but also other telecom companies.


Airtel wants to make 4G service even better by discontinuing its 3G service. Bharti Airtel has already stated that the company is going to discontinue its 3G service in India. After starting in Calcutta, Airtel has started removing 3G network in Haryana. The company has said that the work of removing Airtel’s 3G technology has started in Haryana, which will be fully completed in a few days. After the removal of 3G from the state, there will be no phone and SIM card on this connectivity and this network user will be shifted directly to the 4G network.


According to Airtel, the work of upgrading the 4G network has started with the closure of 3G in Haryana. Airtel has told that they have already started warning their customers by sending messages and notifications that they should upgrade their 3G handset and 3G SIM to 4G. Those who are currently using a 3G pack and have 4G SIM and phone, then the company will upgrade itself to the 4G plan. Significantly, Airtel has discontinued 3G, but company users will still be able to access the 2G network.

Let us tell you that Airtel is the first private telecom company in the country to introduce a 3G network in India. The company started a 3G network from Bengaluru which is present in all corners of the country. But now Airtel has announced to discontinue its 3G service. The company has started removing its 3G network in the country and this move of Airtel is going to change the entire appearance of the Indian telecom market.

This is Airtel’s plan

Airtel was still using the 900 MHz band spectrum to provide 3G networks in the circle. But now after closing the 3G network, the same band spectrum will be re-framed. The company says that there will be no change in the frequency of these band spectrum operating at 900 MHz frequency and the company will provide 4G connectivity only at 900 MHz.

Airtel Offer

Airtel company will use L900 technology to upgrade the 900 MHz band spectrum used for 3G. Through this technique, the frequency will remain the same by the banding spectrum but at this frequency 4G signals will be available instead of 3G. Let me explain a bit that the higher the frequency of any band spectrum, the less its power decreases. In such a scenario, this spectrum with 900 MHz frequency will be able to give a 4G signal in a more powerful way.

It is worth noting that was currently offering its 4G service on 2300 Mhz and 1800 Mhz bands. At the same time, the band spectrum of 900 MHz frequency will also provide a full 4G network. Phone networks will come in a much clearer and better way, with 4G networks on the 900 MHz band indoors, in basements or at any indoor location. That is, while it will discontinue its 3G service, on the other hand, 4G service will be faster than before on the Airtel network.

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