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Top 10 Features of Android 10 That are Not Available on Android 9


Google had informed last month that from now on, the name of a dessert will not be associated with the mobile operating system Android. Last year Android 9 Pie came but from now only Android 10 will be there. Apart from this, there was another chance with the Android operating system. Until last year, this OS was first available in Google phones, after which it was released for another phone. But this time, before the Google Pixel, the Android 10 operating system became available in OnePlus 7T. As soon as the launch of this OS, there was a discussion about what is new in Android 10 which is not in the Android 9 Pie launched last year. So let us explain this in detail.

Dark Theme

Android 10’s Dark Theme is very much discussed. It is considered to be the best feature of the new OS. In this you can completely blacken the screen of your phone and all the text will appear in white color. Due to the dark theme, the effect on the eyes is reduced and the battery consumption in Amoled phones also reduces.

Android 10 Dark Mode

Although this feature could also be used in Android 9 Pie, the mobile manufacturers were offering it with the help of UI. The OS did not have this support. Now Google has defaulted it to Android 10 where app developers will also have code so that they can use the dark theme for the app as well.


Permission Revamp

Android 9 Pie had the option that if you have given special permission to an app, then remove it later also. But once you gave permission, then that app in the background could access your data until you remove it from yourself, but in the new Android 10, this feature has become a level advance. Now you can limit app permissions. That is, you can set that third party app will access your data only when you are using that app.

Just like if you have allowed location access to an app, it will not be able to see your location all the time. I will access you only when you use that app. Not only this but also will not access media and contacts unintentionally. That is, Android 10 has become much more advanced for security. Also read: old phones are not getting good price, so this 5 jugaad will work

Foldable screen support

Samsung Galaxy Fold

This feature of Android 10 is also brand new. 9 Pie did not have dual-screen and foldable phone support. Some companies had launched dual-screen phones but apps were being run with the help of UI in them. Now Google has given foldable phone support with OS. In such a situation, it will be even easier to make an app for Folder phones. Right now Samsung has introduced foldable phones with Galaxy Fold but soon many companies including Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei are about to launch their phones.


Desktop Accessibility

Samsung first introduced the desk feature in the Galaxy Note 8 in which you can connect your phone to any screen via cable and then access all its content from the big screen. Now Google has introduced it in the new operating system Android 10. In such a situation, now other mobile manufacturers will also be able to offer this feature in their phones.

Note 9 Dex

There is also costing in Android 9 but it is done through data, whereas in Android 10 you will be able to connect your phone to any major display without internet, wifi or third party app. Only one USB Type C / HDMI cable will be required.

Undo App Removal With

Oppo K11

Android 10, the company has introduced a new feature Undo App Removal. The advantage of this is that if you have accidentally deleted an app, you can bring it back again through it. This feature is not available on Android 9 Pie. If the app is deleted in the old OS, then to install it, you will have to search the Play Store again.


Face recognition The

Facebook Eye

Face unlock in the phone was quite popular in Android 9 Pie, but you would be surprised to know that the OS did not have this feature support. It was used through hardware, third-party apps, and UIs. But Face Unlock from Android 10 now comes with OS. The advantage of this is that now face unlock can also be used for app purchase or any kind of payment etc. with phone unlock. This feature is not available on Android 9 Pie.

Live captions:

Now when you play an audio or video file in your phone, its captions are not visible to you. But live caption support has been provided with Android 10. Now you will use any kind of media files such as audio, video or product cast, then live caption support will be available in it. The most important thing can be said that you will be able to see live captions even in offline media file usage. This option is not available for Android 9.

In the Smart Reply

Android 9 Pie, the option to reply from the home screen was given. But in the new Android 10, the company has made it very smart. Now the action simulation will be revealed with Smart Reply. Just like the message from a friend of yours that if you have a party today. Smart Sensation itself will show the option of “????” so that you can reply immediately. Along with this, there will also be an option of the map so that you can search pub restaurants or a particular place. In it, you will also find emojis in a new way.


Accessibility In

This Android 10, you will also see many new features inaccessibility. The company has introduced modes like Time to Take Action and Time to Read. Where you can set how long the message will appear on your notification screen. It will automatically go away after the scheduled time. Apart from this, some new features are also inaccessibility. This option is not in 9Pie.

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbieng

Digital Wellbeing started with Android 9 Pie but in Android 10 the company has made it more advanced. Now you will get focus mode. The advantage of this is that if you will be able to control the app notifications according to you. For example, if you feel that you get into trouble due to the notification of a particular app during the office and you have to keep mute any other app at home. In this case, the focus mode of Android 10 will be quite beneficial. You can keep a particular app at a particular time. Their notifications will not be visible to you at that time.

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