Asus 6Z and Asus 5Z Price Cut in India by ₹7000, See Full Specifications

Asus 6Z

Asus, this year, introducing its technology, introduced the ASUS 6Z, a very unique camera design smartphone. This smartphone was launched on a flip-up selfie camera with powerful specifications. The phone’s back camera and front camera are the same. The rear camera setup is given on the upper back on the back panel of the phone, which is mounted on the flip tip. As soon as the command of the selfie is given, this camera setup goes up and works as a front camera. Due to this unique design of Asus 6Z, it was much liked. At the same time, giving a gift to its fans, Asus has made a huge cut in the price of this smartphone. Along with the Asus 6Z, the company has also reduced the Asus 5Z Price Smartphone.

ASUS 5Z Price

This Asus smartphone was launched in India with the name ZenFone 5Z which is available for sale in three variants. Significantly, the company has already cut the price of this phone by Rs 3,000. At the same time, once again Asus has reduced the price of 5Z smartphones. A huge prize of up to Rs 7,000 has been cut by the company on this smartphone.

Asus 5Z Price in India

The 6GB RAM + 64GB storage variant of the Asus 5Z was available for sale till now at a price of Rs 21,999, but today the company has reduced the price of this phone directly by Rs 5,000. With this prized cut, phone variants can be purchased for Rs 16,999. Similarly, the company has cut the price of Rs 6,000 on the 6 GB RAM + 128 GB storage variant of Asus 5Z.

This phone variant was available for sale at a price of Rs 24,999 till now. But from today this phone variant can be purchased at a price of Rs 18,999. The largest 8GB RAM + 256GB storage variant of Asus 5Z was being sold in the market for Rs 28,999. But today the company has announced a prize cut of Rs 7,000 directly on this variant. After the price cut, this variant of Asus 5Z can be purchased for just Rs 21,999.

Price Of Asus 6Z

Asus 6Z was launched in India in three variants. The smallest variant of the phone supports 64 GB of internal storage with 6 GB of RAM. At the same time, 128 GB memory with 6 GB RAM has been given in the second variant. The largest variant of Asus 6Z supports 256 GB of internal storage with 8 GB RAM memory. From the company, now the price of both variants of 6 GB RAM of this phone has been cut by Rs 4,000 and 8 GB RAM variants by Rs 5,000 directly.

Asus 6Z Specifications

Asus 6Z’s 6 GB RAM + 64 GB memory variant was launched at a price of Rs 31,999 but now with the price cut. This variant will be available for Rs 27,999. At the same time, the price of 6 GB RAM + 128 GB memory variants launched at Rs 34,999 has been priced at Rs 30,999. Asus 6Z’s 8 GB RAM + 256 GB memory variant was launched at a price of Rs 39,999. But now this phone variant can be purchased at a price of Rs 34,999.