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Battlegrounds Mobile India Will Be Released Soon In These Week

Kraftonamidst all these debates, will soon launch PUBG Mobile India with a new name – Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, the company has not yet published any information regarding the release date of the game. But yes, they had already started the game’s pre-registration on the Google Play Store just last week. Let’s Know when Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date is.

Now, many curious mobile gamers want to know – what is the release date of Battleground Mobile India? Many former PUBG mobile professional players and content creators have started hinting at the release date for the upcoming game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date

Fans of PUBG Mobile have been closely monitoring the game’s official social media handle to find out the exact release date of the title. On the other hand, former PUBG Mobile supporter Naman Mathur aka MortaL, shared a tweet recently teasing the Battleground Mobile India launch date. In the tweet, Mathur wrote a string of consecutive numbers with a statement saying ” it includes a date for something ” when translated into English.

As you can see, he did not explicitly say that this was for Battleground Mobile India. But, given the hype about the upcoming mobile title. One can take incoming signals from a former professional PUBG mobile player. Responding to this tweet, another PUBG mobile-influenced Sagar Thakur (aka Maxtorn ) did the math and revealed that the game would be released on June 12, 2021. Thakur later removed the answer, and we suggest that you understand the rumour yourself.

However, another eSports professional, Abhijeet Andhare (aka TSM Ghatak), tweeted that Battleground Mobile India will be released in the third week of June.

Now, it is notable that no information has been received from the developers about the release date of Battleground Mobile India. We only know that those who pre-register for the title will receive special in-game awards. Including the Recon Outfit, Recon Mask and the title “Celebration Expert”.

So, if you are waiting for the game to be released in India, we believe it will officially launch in mid-June. But nothing is confirmed right now. Stay tuned with us for this latest information.

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