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BenQ GS50 Smart Wireless Projector; Know Price, Feature, Specifications


BenQ has introduced its new portable projector in India. This is a wireless device, and its name is BenQ GS50. With the help of this device, you can use any wall of the house as a cinema screen. You can increase its screen size as much as you want compared to a regular TV. The company claims that it can make TVs up to 100 inches. Not only will this give a better experience, but once connected to the laptop, any content on the device can be streamed on the screen. It has shown 1080 pixels of full HD resolution content. This entire eCommerce website is available on Amazon.

Talking about the looks of the BenQ GS 50, it is lovely, and it gets a clean body instead of a lot of ports. Available on Amazon, you can buy this product for Rs 79990. This device comes with the BenQ GS50 projector display with a brightness of 5000 ANSI lumens. Talking about its life, even if it runs for 8 hours a day, it can be run comfortably for ten years.

Design of the BenQ GS50

One design has been used in the BenQ GS 50 Smart Projector Sports. This is a compact projector. It has the facility of IPX space resistance. It has 2.3 feet of drop protection. With the help of this projector, users can easily create a display of up to 100 inches.


Easy to connect external speakers

This wireless projector has 2.1 channel Bluetooth speakers, acting as extra bass. External speakers can be installed in this projector with the help of a 3.5mm jack so that users can get even better sound quality……..

BenQ GS50 Smart Projector with Android TV

Android TV comes with built-in features inside the BenQ GS50 Smart Projector. It has a battery backup of 2.5 hours. Also, in terms of connectivity, it has the option of HDMI, USB Type, Mobile Mirroring and Casting. Its interface may look like an Android 10 TV.

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