Check Who Has Blocked You On Whatsapp By These Steps

WhatsApp Context Menu Feature

We all use the instant messaging app WhatsApp. Perhaps the easiest way to chat is in today’s time. Whenever we have to message someone, we say to him “I will make you WhatsApp.” There are many features available on WhatsApp that double our chatting experience. But there is also something that causes users a lot of trouble and this is Blocking. Many times their friends are blocked by users and they do not know. However, there is a way that you can find out who has blocked you. This is the way we are telling you here. WhatsApp has also given this method on its official website.

Know Who Has Blocked You From WhatsApp

If someone has blocked you, you will not see the last scene of that person. If you feel that your friend has blocked you then go to her chat window. If you do not see his last, then understand that that person has blocked you. However, only this will not prove that you have been blocked on WhatsApp. The person may have hidden their last scene. In such a situation, it is important to pay attention to the following things also.

  1. You will not even see the profile photo of the person who blocked you.
  2. If you message the person who blocked you, only one tick will appear on the message.
  3. You will not see two checkmarks in it.
  4. If you call WhatsApp to someone who has blocked you, then that call will not take place.
  5. If you see all the above signs with a contact, then understand that the person has blocked you.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Know If You Are Blocked By Someone Or Not Follow These Simple Steps. It Is Important To Pay Attention To The Following Things Also.

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