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China Hacked The Mobiles Of Indian People, Cheated 250 Crores

When People Were Losing Their Jobs In The Lockdown. Then There Was A Ray Of Hope That Now He Can Earn Money Even Sitting At Home. But They Did Not Know That This Greed Is Part Of A Bigger Conspiracy, Which Has Been Hatched By The Enemy Sitting Outside The Borders Of The Country. The Cyber Cell Of Delhi Police Has Busted A Gang Of Thugs Who Had Duped Lakhs Of People By Sitting Outside The Country In China. In Just One And A Half Months, These Chinese Tricksters Looted The Hard Earned Money Of 5 Lakh People, That Too Not Small But 250 Crores.

Chinese App Stealing Data

The Cyber Cell Of Delhi Police Has Busted A New Network Of Frauds By Arresting 11 People. Actually, At This Time, Online Fraud Has Increased Very Fast In The Country. That Is Why The Cyber Cell Has Also Become Very Active. Earlier This Year, The Police Took Action On Two Chinese Applications. But After Some Time, The Police Got Information That There Is Some Other Chinese App, Which Has Become Active Again, Which Is Stealing The Data Of The People Of The Country On A Large Scale Along With Cheating.

In The Second Week Of May, The Police Came To Know That There Are Apps Named Power Bank, Sun Factory And Easy Plan, Which Have Been Downloading Very Fast. This App Is Stealing People’s Data Through This And Sending Them Abroad. After This, Immediately, These Apps Were Analyzed Through A Forensic Lab. Then It Was Found That This App Is Being Operated From China.

China Hacked The Mobiles Of Indian People

In Which People Were Being Lured To Earn Money By Investing Money. After This, The Police Saw That Even Though Their Servers Are In China, Some People Are Sitting Here And Playing All These Games. After Which The Police Raided Many Places In West Bengal And Delhi-NCR. Police From West Bengal Nabbed A Person Named Robin Ali, Who Was Handling 30 Accounts Alone. After That, 10 Of His Other Accomplices Were Arrested. In Which Each One Had A Different Role.

Robin Told The Police That They Were Luring People To Earn Money In The Name Of Technology Through These Apps. Once A Person Joined This App, He Was Tempted To Make More Members. So That More And More People Can Join. Anyone Could Join It By Paying Just Rs 300. But Many People Have Also Invested Lakhs In It. After Joining, They Used To Get A Return Of 10%, After Which People Were Putting More And More Money In Greed. But The Biggest Thing Is That This Money Was Visible Only In The Mobile Application, Not In The Account.

Money Transfering through Cryptocurrency

After This, This Money Was Transferred Through Cryptocurrency To The Account Of Shell Companies. These Shell Companies And Accounts Were Also Created In A Fraudulent Manner. In Which Helped Chartered Accountant. Police Have Also Arrested 2 Chartered Accountants. The Masterminds Of This Entire Plan Sitting In China Used To Find Those Who Run The Business Of Fraud For Themselves Through Telegram And YouTube.

Police Believe That So Far 50 Lakh People Have Downloaded These Apps. Out Of Which 5 Lakh People Have Been Detected So Far Who Have Been Victims Of Fraud. So Far, In The Investigation, The Police Have Found A Robbery Of 150 Crores, But It Is Feared That This Figure Can Go Up To 250 Crores. Police Have Recovered Rs 97 Lakh. Police Say That The Proper Channel For Getting These Thugs Sitting In China Will Be Approached Through It.

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