WhatsApp Will Tell You Where CORONA Vaccination is Happening

CORONA Vaccination Details on Whatsapp

WhatsApp CORONA Vaccination Details: Corona epidemic is causing terrible devastation in the country. India is now experiencing the highest number of corona cases after countries such as the US and Brazil. The health system has died down, and due to this, the daily death toll is increasing. The only ray of hope in these conditions is the vaccine. You can protect yourself from this epidemic by getting a vaccine.

CORONA Vaccination Details on Whatsapp

For this reason, the government is also appealing to all people to get the vaccine as soon as they get a chance. To get vaccinated in the third phase of the vaccine, you can register by going to the Kovin portal or Arogya Setu App. Phase 1 vaccination has started on May 1. In the third phase, anyone over 18 years of age can get vaccinated.

How to find Vaccination Center on WhatsApp

You have to register in advance to get the vaccine. In this, you have to choose the centre closest to you. WhatsApp has tried to remove this problem from you. The company has created a chatbot to find out about the vaccination centre in your vicinity. For this, you need to save the number +919013151515 to your mobile.

I have got a message. Hello on WhatsApp. After a while, you will be asked the pin code of your area. On answering this, you will get information about the nearest vaccination centre.

You can also know from Google map.

In addition to messaging in WhatsApp, you can also find out in Google Map where vaccination is happening in an area. Apart from this, you can also find out whether that vaccination centre is open or closed now. To find out about the Vaccine Center in Google Map, you have to enter the Vaccination Center in the search box.