Disney Plus Hotstar Now Officially TEC Among Top Features in India

Disney Plus Hotstar has launched in India. If you use the Hotstar app, you must have noticed that changes have made in the app. The icon and user interface of the app have all changed.

Recently Hotstar changed its logo, and the color scheme of Disney Plus inspired the logo. Since Disney already acquired Hotstar, now Hotstar has changed in India.

The icon of the Hotstar app on your mobile has also changed. Now the image is written on Disney Plus Hotstar. Apart from this, different categories have now made inside the app.

Disney Plus Hotstar Features

Talk about the app in detail; now, you will get a total of five options at the bottom of the app. First, there are Home, TV, Disney Plus, Movies, and Sports.

There will be two types of subscriptions under Disney Plus. One VIP and the other Premium. For Disney Plus Hotstar Premium, you have to pay Rs 1,499 annually.

For Disney+ Hotstar VIP, you have to pay Rs 399 for a year. Disney+ Hotstar will now feature content from Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and PIXAR.

Premium subscription users will be able to watch Disney’s original shows. For this, you have to go to Disney+ in this app and tap on Disney. Here you will be able to watch Marvel movies at the top too.

All the movies, series, and other content given in this app have to tag of P and V. Where P is, you understand that premium users can only see these contents, V means that VIP users will be able to view it. Premium users will also get VIP access.

You can see the series of Hotstar or original shows that are also in this app. You will also be able to download it in the offline app. Apart from this, you will be able to see the content of sports and other Hotstar as before.

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