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How To Earn Money From Quora? 5 Ways to Earn Money From Quora


How To Earn Money From Quora? Do you know about the Quora Platform? If yes, then you might not know that you can earn money from Quora too. Its information has been provided in today’s article. Nowadays there are many ways through which you can make money easily; if I tell you that you can earn money only by questions or answers, then it is not a big deal. Through this article, you have one suchWe have brought a website which makes money only by answering questions, whose name is Quora.

Many of you will be well aware of this website. And must be using it to answer each other’s questions, but many people do not know that money can be earned through the Quora website. Today we will give you detailed information about the Quora website and tell you How To Earn Money From the Quora app.

What is Quora?

Quora is a type of Online Question Answer Forum. Many people from all over the world are connected with this website. They keep their Queries here and get answers in return. If they know the answer to any of the questions asked here, then the expressions are explicit.


If we talk about its definition, then Quora is a medium through which you can ask a question about any topic or topic, and in turn, Quora gives you the answer to that question.

The speciality of Quora right now is that if you request a person to answer the same, you can ask them. He gets a notification, and in that notification, it is decided who has responded to that question.

It is the largest website at number 81 worldwide, which is used in all places abroad. More than seven crores of its organic keywords rank on Google. It brings more than 12 crores of organic traffic, which is beyond the thinking of a regular blogger.


What is Quora Partner Program?

Quora has recently launched the Quora Partner Program. Through this program, you can earn money by answering questions made by people. When someone questions Quora, quora gives you some cash for that ads by running their ads; this money is received through PayPal.

Keep in mind that Invitation to Quora Partner Program is received only when more than 1 lakh views of your questions and answers are received, and the engagement of the user on the answer given by you is good.

When more and more views and upvotes come on your question answer, it makes the Quora team feel that people like your questions and answers. That is, you are a good writer. So you get an Invitation to Quora Partner Program.


How To Earn Money From Quora

Here we are talking about how to make money from Quora. Quora Partner Program is one of these. Apart from this, there are many ways to earn money from Kora, which are explained below.

1. By bringing traffic to the website

Millions of people in Quora answer questions every day. If you want to bring traffic to your website to earn more money through Google Adsense, it is a better option if you share the link. Lakhs of visitors of your month will come to your website.

If you add a link to your website in the middle of your answers here, when users read that answer, they will then click on the link from which they will go to your website, which will get traffic to your website.


2. By selling Ebooks

Quora has a platform that is gathering people who are interested in getting new information and knowledge. Therefore, earning money by selling e-books through Quora is the most effective.

If you are good at writing books, then make an online Ebook. Solutions to the Queries you posted on QuoraCreating ebooks and selling them at an average price range is a perfect way.

Additionally, you can gain popularity through shares of your Ebooks on social media platforms, and this will increase your profits. This is a golden way for those people through which you can sell Ebooks on your Quora account.


3. By Affiliate Marketing

If you open this website, you will see that many product reviews are shared in Hindi and English or other languages. A link to the product is also given below the check. Causing you can also link your product and share what your product sell will get money on.

4. Advertisement

If you also want to promote your company, then this facility provides this to you. When you answer the questions related to the company, it ranks first in Google because the customer is the first if you search about the company on the internet. Its answer is first found in Quora itself. In this way, you can earn money by advertising your company.

5. Blog Branding

Through this website, you can reach people about your blog; you can increase the popularity of your brand. When you put a link, if any person clicks on it, they get information about your brand.


What is Quora Space, and how to make money from it?

Quora Space Earnings Program (beta) This is an opportunity provided only to Quora Space Admins to become a part of Quora’s revenue as you would know that Quora generates its revenue through advertising.

Earlier, Quora provided only money to members associated with the Quora Partner Program, whose main task was to ask new questions and answer further questions. For this, they were provided money.

How to check if you are eligible for Quora Space?

For this, you have to first go to the main page of your Spain with the same menu. In the tab, you will see the ‘ Earnings Tab ‘ between Stats and Settings.


Suppose you saw that Earning Tab here. It means that you are eligible to earn money from Quora Space. Then all you have to check is whether or not Space Admin is staying in Eligible Country. Let’s know how you can do this.

Let us now know what those three steps are to check whether you are eligible for Quora Space or not.

• The first step is to reach a minimum threshold that is up to $ 10 to be eligible to get payments in this program.


• The second step is that you have to wait for eligibility review, which according to Quora, will take at least three business days.

• The third step is that you have to connect your account with your bank.

How to become a member of Quora Space?

By the way, Quora itself invites Space Admins to join its beta program. At the same time, there is no specified way that you can ask Quora to add its own space to this program.


At the same time, if you want very much, then you can contact Quora at this e-mail ID beta@quora.com. This email id is shared with Quora Space Admins to remove their spaces from this program if they want.

At the same time, Quora has also shared a resource centre with everyone to answer all their questions regarding the Space Program.

Earn money from Quora

I hope you have liked this article of mine, how to earn money from Quora. It has always been my endeavour to provide complete information about what Quora is to the readers so that they do not have to search in any other sites or internet in the context of that article.


This will also save their time, and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or want that there be some improvement in it, you can write low comments.

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