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(13 Best Ways) How to Earn Money Online from Mobile Sitting at Home


Earn Money Online: Hello Friends, In Today’s Time, Everyone Has A Smartphone, And It Cannot Happen If Your Mobile Phone Does Not Have An Internet Pack.

Mobile Phone And Internet Have Become An Important Part Of Our Life, Because Of Which The Idea Of ​​Staying Away Fills Us With Emptiness. If You Have To Spend A Whole Day Without Mobile, Then I Can Understand How Restless It Is Going To Be,

After All, I Am Also A Mobile User. I Agree That Excessive Use Of Mobile Or Say That Mobile Addiction Is Not A Good Thing, But If This Addiction Is Given The Right Direction –


Yes, It Has Become Such A Thing That You Can Convert Your Mobile Addiction Into Benefits And Earn Money From It; if You Use Mobile Properly Then You Can Not Even Imagine How Much Money You Are Going To Make From It. , And In Many Cases Till Career.

You, Will, Not Believe But I Have To Go, So I Am Sharing These Things With You That If You Have Art Or You Do A Little Smart Work, Then There Are Thousands Of Such Ways On The Internet By Which You Can Make Money.

Today I Will Tell You About Some Such Ways, By Which You Can Earn Money Online From Your Mobile Sitting At Home And Use Your Smart Phone Smartly.


The Amazing Thing Will Be That You Can Start These Methods Of Earn Money Online Without Spending A Single Rupee And You Can Start It With Other Work Also.

Ways to Earn Money Online from Mobile

Earn Money from YouTube Sitting at Home 

You Can Understand That The Use Of Youtube Is On A Large Scale In Today’s Time, And For Example, We Have Thousands Of Such Faces Who Are A Successful Youtuber Or To Say That They Are Earning Money In Lakhs.

The Best Thing Is That Most Of These Successful Youtuber Are At The Place Where They Are Today; they Are Making Money Through the Internet-based on A Cheap Mobile Phone And Their Art, Even Though They Do Not Have Enough Resources From Small Villages.


So If You Have The Art Of Teaching Something Through Video, Then Definitely Come To Youtube. ( Youtube Is A Way, The Rest Of The Money You Earn By Placing Ads On The Videos Made By You Through Adsense )

Note: There Are Many Other Ways To Earn Money Online From Youtube. 

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertisement
  • By Selling
  • Pad Subscription
  • Many Others.

Earn Money Sitting at Home from Blogging

Blogging Is Also A Safe Way To Earn Money Online, In Which If You Want, You Can Start And Earn Money Without Any Investment Through Your Writing Style And Teaching Skills.

If You Have Information About Anything And Feel That This Information Should Be Passed On To Other People, Then You Do Not Have To Do It Through Video On Youtube Or In Front Of The Camera.


So Through Writing Blog, Information Can Be Reached To Others And Google’s Ad Or Many Other Add Networks Are Present On Your Blog. Which You Can Put On Your Blog And Start Earning Money.

I Know Many Such People Who Have Made Their Career By Blogging Only From Mobile, But If You Have A Laptop, Then It Is Even Better.

Blogging – Providing Information To Others Through Written Medium Is Called Blogging, For Example, You Search Your Questions On Google Or Bing, Yahoo As Per Your Wish.


And Get Your Answers Through These Search Engines, The Blogger writes this Answer, The Article You Are Reading Is Also A Blog Post.

Ways To Earn Money Online From Blogging 

  • By Putting Ad Network On The Blog
  • Affiliate Program
  • By Selling Your Product
  • By Charging Money For Guest Post
  • Showing A Company Ad
  • Pad Course
  • Selling Blog Website
  • By Selling Post, Many Other Ways.

Earn Money Online from Instagram Sitting at Home

Most Of You Will Have An Instagram Account, But Have You Ever Thought That Money Can Also Be Earned From A Platform Like Instagram.

It Is Absolutely L00% True That Money Can Be Made From Instagram. Many Have Made And Are Making Money In Millions Using Instagram.


Ways To Earn Money From Instagram

  • Create An Instagram Account On A Good Topic
  • By Affiliate Marketing
  • By Selling Photos Through Insta
  • By Promoting The Accounts Of Others
  • By Selling Your Product
  • Selling Your Instagram Account
  • Promoting A Brand

Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Program Is The Best Way To Earn Money That Has Made Thousands Of People Millionaires, If You Do Not Know What Affiliate Marketing Is, Then Let Me Tell You For Your Information –

Affiliate Marketing Is That In Which We Promote And Sell The Products Of Any Company Or Any Brand On Our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Blog, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter Etc.

In Return, We Get Some Percentage Share As Commission. In Many Cases, This Part Is Very High And In Many Cases Very Less. This Is Called Affiliate Marketing.


I Know Many Such People, Who Do Affiliate Marketing Through Their Blog And Youtube And Believe Me, In A Very Short Time, You Have Earned As Much As You Can Hardly Earn Anywhere Else, Based On Your Marketing Skills.

Earn Money Online From Affiliate Program Site

  • Selling Goods Through The Amazon Affiliate Program
  • By Affiliate Flipkart
  • Commission Junkson
  • Godaddy, Thousands Of Other, Affiliate Program Providers

Earn Money Online from Home Freelancing

To Become A Freelancer, You Must Have Some Skills, Through Which You Can Fulfill The Needs Of Your Clients, Mobile Will Not Be Enough For This Work, For This You Will Need A Laptop.

Sitting At Home Online, You Can Complete The Work Of Many People With Your Skills, And In Return, They Pay You. There Are Many Such Sites For Freelancing In Which Many Of Your Clients Are Registered And You Too, Then You Choose Your Clients According To Your Work.


Then After His Work Is Over, He Transfers Your Fee Online To You, Then You Give Your Service To Other Clients.

Must-Have Skills To Earn Money From Freelancing

  • Can Be A Good Writer
  • Or Do You Have The Skill To Teach Online?
  • A Good Digital Marketer
  • If You Are A Web Developer, You Can Do Freelancing
  • If You Are A Blogger Then You Can Do Freelancing.
  • If You Have Any Other Talent

Some Websites Offering Freelancing Services

  • Freelancer.Com
  • Simplyhired.Com
  • Fiver.Com
  • Toptal.Com
  • Upwork.Com
  • Peopelperhour.Com
  • Freelancerindia.Net
  • Guru.Com

Earn Money Online at Home by Selling Photos

In Today’s Era, Almost Everyone Will Be Fond Of Clicking The Image, Many People Like To Visit New Places And Capture The Nearby Things In Their Mobile Cameras, But Do You Know That This Photography Of Yours A Hobby Can Make You Rich.

Many Websites Are Ready To Pay You A Considerable Amount For Your Unique And Quality Photos. If There Is Even A Little Doubt In Your Mind Whether We Can Earn Money By Selling Images.


For Your Information, Let Me Tell You That Sandeep Maheshwari Sir, You Must Have Known Him. They Have A Website To Sell Images, Which Today Is The World’s Largest Image-Keeping Website And Earning Crores From Them By Selling Images.

Some Website Where You Can Earn Money By Selling Your Image

  • Shutterstock.Com
  • Dreamstime.Com
  • Stockphotosecrets.Com
  • Snapwire.Co
  • Fotolia.Com
  • IStockPhoto.Com
  • Bigstock.Com
  • Imagekind.Com
  • Alamy.Com

Earn Money Online with Telegram

You Can Also Make Telegram A Way To Earn Money; if You Can Add More And More People To Your Telegram Group, you can earn money by promoting and selling Affiliate Marketing Or Your Other Product In Your Telegram Group.

Because With Good Marketing Skills, You Can Generate Sales From Any Platform.


Earn Money Online from Quora

You People Must Know About Quora, Even If You Do Not Know, Then Let Me Tell You That Quora Is One Of The Biggest Question & Answer Website In Which You Can Earn Money By Asking Questions.

Yes, Quora Only Pays For Asking Questions, Not For Answering Questions, But For This, You Have To Join The Quora Partner Program. When You Keep Asking Good Questions On Quora, Then Quora Includes You In Its Partner Program,

Then You Can Start Earning. Apart From This, You Can Earn Money Online By Bringing Traffic To Your Blog From Quora, Doing Affiliate Marketing, Selling Your Product And Many Other Means.


Earn Money Online from Facebook Sitting at Home

There Are Also Many Ways To Earn Money From Facebook, But For This You Need Thousands Of Followers On Your Facebook Page, I Would Like To Tell You  About Bewakoof.Com, First Of All, Their Only One Facebook Page In Which These Mimes Used To Shear,

When The Number Of His Followers Reached Millions, Then He Started Promoting And Selling T-Shirts On Facebook By Printing Them And You Will Not Believe That According To A Previous Record, The Record Of Highest Earning Was In His Name.

So If You Also Want To Earn Money From Facebook, Then You Can Start.


Follow These Steps To Earn Money From Facebook –

  • First Choose A Good Topic
  • Shear Things Related To That Topic
  • Make Good Contact With People
  • Increase A Lot Of Followers

Do This To Earn Money From Facebook Sitting At Home

Earn Money Online Like This From Facebook

  • By Promoting And Selling Your Product On Facebook
  • Through Affiliate Marketing
  • By Promoting Others
  • Bringing Traffic By Shearing The Link Of Your Website
  • By Promoting The Apps You Earn
  • Add Network
  • By Putting Videos
  • There Are Many Other Ways

Earn Money at Home Online with WhatsApp

You Can Also Use WhatsApp To Earn Money; if You Have Many Groups On WhatsApp And They Have A Good Follower Then,

Ways To Earn Money From Whatsapp

  • With The Help Of an Affiliate Program, You Can Earn Money From Whatsapp
  • Download Any Apps Etc. Through Referral Program
  • By Promoting Or Selling Your Product In The Group
  • By Shearing A CPC Add Network
  • By Downloading Any Pdf Or Other File
  • Promoting A Brand

Earn money by Creating E-commerce Website

If You Have Some Product Of Your Own That You Want To Sell And Branding It On A Large Scale, Then Definitely Make An E-Commerce Website For Your Product, With This, You Can Bring Your Product Online And Sell It Far And Wide. Which Can Become An Opportunity To Earn More Money.

Some Such E-Commerce Websites And Companies –

  • Amazone.In
  • Flipkart.Com
  • Snapdeal.Com
  • Myntra.Com
  • Jabong.Com

Earn Money by Doing Online Surveys from Mobile

There Are Many Survey Websites In Which You Can Register And Earn Money Through Online Surveys; in Most Websites, You Have To Answer Yes Or No To The Questions Asked During The Survey. There Are Many Such Companies In This Who Want To Get Feedback On Their Product.


Whether You Use Their Product Or Not, And If You Do, How Is Your Experience, What Is Your Opinion About The Product, Etc? In Many Survey Sites, You Get Money In The Form Of Commission For Watching Videos And Buying Salmon.

Online Survey Sites From Which You Can Earn Money

  • Swagbucks.Com
  • Toluna.Com
  • Indiaspeaks.Net
  • PanelPlace.Com
  • Ysense.Com
  • And There Are Many More Sites.

Earn Money by Mobile Apps

In Today’s Time, There Are Many Such Mobile Apps, Through Which You Can Earn Money, These Apps Provide You with A Way To Earn Money By Completing Some Tasks And Through Referral Program,

But In My Opinion, Not Much Money Can Be Earned Through Such Apps; it Will Only Be A Waste Of Time.


Some Mobile Apps Through Which You Can Earn Money

  • Earn Money From Rozdhan App
  • Earn Money With Mx Taktak App
  • Earn With Winzo Gold
  • Earn Money From Dhani App
  • Via Google Pay
  • Earn Money From Taskbucks
  • Make Money With Freecharge

So, Friends, These Were Some Ways ( Earn Money Online ), I.E. To Earn Money Online From Your Mobile By Sitting At Home, Although There Are Many Other Ways To Earn Money Online, As Our Post Title Is Earn Money Online.

So I Have Included Those Methods In It So That Work Can Be Done In Mobile Itself. In The Coming Article, We Will Tell About More Ways You Can Earn Money Both Online Or Offline.

I Hope You Have Liked My Article On Earn Money Online And Hope It Works For You; if You Liked This Article And Found It Useful, Then Do Share It With Your Friends.


And If You Have Any Suggestion Or Complaint About Us, If You Have Any Opinion, Then Definitely Give Your Valuable Feedback Using The Comment Box – Thank You,

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