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Facebook Data Leak: 61 Lakh Users of India Included in this List


Facebook Data Leak: There have been reports of users leaking data from India and worldwide for quite some time. It is said that data leakage of users through different social media platforms and applications has become quite common now. Recently, it was reported that the data of the users of the Indian app MobiKwik had been leaked in large numbers. However, the company denied this.

Facebook Data Leak News

At the same time, now the most popular social media platform users, Facebook, have been leaked. FacebookPersonal data of about 533 million users 533 million is being spread on the hacker’s forum. This data leak contains data of users from nearly 106 countries (users of India). Due to these incidents, maintaining privacy has become a big challenge.

But, if you are wondering whether your name is included in the Facebook Data leak or not, you can check it. A portal exists for this. Next, we have given you step-by-step information about how you can check with your email ID whether your name is included in the Facebook data leak.


Data of 61 lakh Indians leaked.

The name of India is also included in the list of 106 countries in this data leak. Personal data of about 53.30 crore users has been leaked. The leaked data includes phone number, name, age, location, gender, relationship status, business, date of birth and email address of the users.

At the same time, if you talk about the number of data leaked users in India, then it is
61 lakh. Contains data of million Indian users. The leaked data includes Facebook users’ birth dates, full names, bio, location and e-mail etc. Phone numbers of many users have also been revealed.

Check like this

You can quickly check whether your data has been leaked or not in this data breach of Facebook. Security researcher Troy Hunt has created a portal that has been functioning for a long time. Through this portal, you can check that you are included in the list of crores of people?


  1. First, go to the haveibeenpwned.com website.
  2. Enter the email ID from which you run Facebook.
  3. After entering the email ID, press the pwned button.
  4. After this, the website will tell you whether your data has been leaked or not?
  5. If your account has been compromised, you will be asked to take a password and other security steps.
  6. If not, you are safe for now, but you would be advised to change the password regularly.

Check your data leak with the SAFE ME app.

Also, an app that you can check if your email id and password have ever been leaked. In the SAFE ME app, you can quickly check whether your data has ever been leaked or not. Even insecure passwords are shown in this app. In some cases, the application may mark a source as sensitive to data leaks.

Facebook Eye


How to keep your Facebook account safe?

Next, we have tried to tell you how you can keep your Facebook account safe by following some steps.

  1. To keep your Facebook account secure, enable two-factor authentication and Unrecognised login alerts.
  2. Make sure to log in with two-factor authentication. Lock your profile.
  3. This feature protects your profile from people who are not added to your friend list on Facebook.

Facebook statement on data leak

A Facebook spokesperson has revealed about this report that it is old data that was reported in the year 2019. The company fixed it in August 2019, considering this. However, no official information has been received from the company regarding the data breach that has just taken place. Also, read Whatsapp’s super trick, download the video status of anyone in this way.

Facebook Lite


Information about essential users for hackers

Alon Gal, CTO of Cybercrime Intelligence Hudson Rock, says that the leaked data may be outdated, but it contains this essential information for hackers. By misusing them, hackers can defraud users.

In January, 42 million users’ Facebook data was leaked

In January this year, about 42 crore Facebook users’ data was leaked. Not only this, the data of users was being sold online. Let us know that this data of Facebook users was revealed through the bot of the Telegram app.

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