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Facebook Messenger Kids App Launched in India, Parents Can Control

Social networking site Facebook has launched video messaging and messaging app Facebook Messenger Kids in a total of 75 countries, including India. Now parents will have more control over the children’s account. The specialty of this app is that after downloading, children will be able to create their account, not their own. Let us know that Messenger Kids launched in the US in the year 2017. At the same time, it has been made available in other countries as well.

Facebook Messenger Kids

Facebook Messenger Kids can download for free from Google Play and App Store. The company behind the launch of this app aims to connect children with their friends and that too under the supervision of their parents. COVID-19 is undergoing a nationwide lockdown in India. In such a situation, schools, colleges, and offices closed everywhere. This time is tough for the children because neither can they go out to play outside the house nor meet friends. In such a situation, Facebook Messenger Kids can become a great partner. With the help of this app, children will be able to video chat with their friends.

Facebook has said in its statement that ‘schools closed due to COVID-19 and people are following social distancing. Parents are using technology to help their children connect with friends and family. Along with this, parents also want to control children on online platforms.

The Facebook Messenger Kids app has a unique feature called Supervised Friending. With the help of this feature, parents will be able to ensure that they have to add to their children’s friend list and whom not. Apart from this, parents will also get notifications of friend requests coming to children on the dashboard. Not only this, but parents can also give rights to their teachers to add children to school and class groups in this app.

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