Fake Messages On Whatsapp, 40 Thousand Rupees Stolen From Account

Fake Messages On Whatsapp

Using a WhatsApp was too expensive for a retired army officer. The incident is from the city of Thane in Maharashtra. The 53-year-old army officer who lives here had to lose Rs 40,000 due to this fraud from WhatsApp. The army officer told the police that on December 6, there was a missed call on his WhatsApp number. When they callback on that number, the call was not going on it. So they sent a message to that number. On receiving Fake Messages On Whatsapp, the person on the other side called himself his friend Colonel Harpal Singh.

Fake Messages On Whatsapp

Referring to the message of the Army officer, the fraudster said that he and his wife are in the US and he needs some money to treat his sister’s heart. Further, the fraudster said that he in America so he cannot transfer money to his sister. In the message, he also gave an account number to transfer money.

Assuming this fake message to true, the army officer transfer 40 thousand rupees to the given account number. He was suspicious when another 20 thousand rupees demand from that number. He then called his friend’s mobile number. The army officer shock when he came to know that his friend was not in America but in Faridkot, Punjab and he never asked for money from him. This fraud occurred to the army officer quite a blow. They have lodged a complaint with the police.

How To Avoid Such Fake Messages On Whatsapp

Do not send money without talking, beware of WhatsApp messages demanding money. Do not send money to any of your friends or family members only on the basis of the message. It would be better to talk to them on the phone before any transaction.

Do Not Give Account Numbers

Hackers ask their victims to share bank account numbers. Usually, these hackers tell their victims that they have to send money to their account. Due to the temptation of money, many users give an account number to anyone without checking.

QR Code Is Also Being Cheated

Hackers send a QR code to their victim’s WhatsApp number. These hackers ask users to scan this code so that money can transfer to their account. Explain that the QR code use only for payment and not for receiving money.