Now iPhone Users Will Also Be Able to Enjoy FAU-G Game

FAU-G Game Available on Apple iPhone Store

FAU-G Game, the first Battle Royal game called the country’s homegrown pubs, has now been made available for iPhone users. iPhone users can download it from the Apple App Store. This year, this game was launched on the occasion of 26 January Republic Day. Earlier it was made available only for Android users, while now Apple users will also enjoy it.

FAU-G Game Now Available on Apple iPhone

Akshay Kumar had introduced the Fearless and United Guards, i.e. FAU-G, a battle game just like PUBG. Bangalore based company nCore Games have prepared it. Actor Akshay Kumar announced the launch of the Made-in-India FAU-G only after PUBG was banned.

FAU-G is different from PUBG

When comparing the FAU-G game to PUBG, the company has said that it is other from PUBG. FAU-G has been launched with no multimode, while PUBG had a multiplayer mode. This is a big difference between the two games. Apart from this, the FAU-G in graphics also lagged behind PUBG. The size of the FAUG game is 500MB. FAU-G has also been launched in the Hindi language, while PUBG was available in English.

The families of the martyrs will get the share.

FAU-G Game has been launched under the “Self-reliant India” mission. According to nCore Games, 20 per cent of this game’s earnings will be donated to India’s Veer Trust. The government has created a veer Trust to help the martyrs of the Armed Forces.