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Kerala Kannur Man Order Camera of ₹27,500 Flipkart Delivered Tiles Brick

Online shopping has become increasingly popular in India in the last few years. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal as well as many such eCommerce sites are active in India these days which sell a large range of all types of products online. Online shopping is as easy and fast as we have to be careful during shopping. But even after taking all precautions by the consumer, many such incidents occur which not only question the reliability of online shopping but at the same time put a price on the trust of this digital shopping. A similar incident has come to light in which brick of the box has been found on calling a camera of Rs 27,500.

This incident is from Kannur city in Kerala, where the bricks have to deliver to the customer on the box when the camera purchase from the shopping site. The news of this sentence has appeared on the Malayalam Manorama website. According to the report of this website, the incident happened to a person named Vishnu Suresh, who hails from Kannur. According to the report, Vishnu Suresh wanted a camera for himself. And the young man decided to buy this camera from the online shopping site Flipkart.

Flipkart Fraud

Vishnu liked and ordered a camera on the shopping site Flipkart on 20 November. The price of this camera has stated as Rs 27,500. After ordering on 20 November, 4 days later, on 24 November. The camera has delivered to the address of Vishnu Suresh. According to the report, the delivery was done by Flipkart’s partner company Ekart Logistics. Vishnu Suresh was stun when the camera delivers with excitement when he opened the box.


When Vishnu Suresh opened the box of the camera, there was no camera in it. But instead of the camera, some bricks and tiles were there. In this box, along with the bricks, the camera’s manual book and warranty card were also found. After paying 27,500 rupees, seeing the bricks in the box instead of the camera. Vishnu’s senses flew away and in a hurry he informed Flipkart. The report revealed that Flipkart has promised to give Vishnu Suresh a new camera within a week.

Seeing the manual book and warranty card with bricks in the camera box. It speculated that the delivery boy may have committed the crime. And took the camera out of the box before opening it to reach the consumer. However, who has accused it, it has not revealed yet. But this shopping on Flipkart has raised questions on e-commerce sites as well as online shopping.

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